Rerouting: default setting

Kurviger app is not a city navigator, where rerouting is common.

Should automatic rerouting be enabled by default for new users?

Although I always and everywhere have automatic route recalculation turned off, it seems to me that due to beginners in any navigation, this option should be turned on by default.
An experienced user will disable this if he wishes, but it will be his conscious decision.
This is my first impression about it.


I do not agree.

kurviger is a toul to get good routes for motorcycling.
setting the target, look on the route and set possible some shaping points.
But i want that route i checked before starting.
If i leave that route, possible about closed road the recalculation kann bring realy different solution about the route.
For my opinion the rout is the target not the real target! (for kurviger)
If somebody want recylculation he can decide it.


That’s why the question was asked.

It is not an app for “fastest” routes like Google Maps, OsmAnd, Locus, Cruiser, etc.
It has a different purpose.

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My advice is not to just offer autorouting by default especially to new users.
My advice is to start simple and first learn how to deal with basic routing and navigation.
A really performant autorerouting system is not yet available and remains a bit difficult to develop.
Especially if you so include the complexity of the offline BRouter routing engine.
What constitutes good autorouting results will also vary from person to person.
Only when you have enough experience, you might be able to deal and enjoy this extra complexity.

I think, automatic rerouting is a feature that many (new) users take for granted.
Although it is often wise to switch off automatic rerouting, I would set it on as default.

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You are right that Kurviger is not a tool for getting from point A to point B quickly and easily. And surely everyone who uses it must be aware of it.

But the problem starts when BRouter recalculates, destroying the magnificent route drawn by the Kurviger algorithm - therefore, having access to the internet, a recalculated route in the field can be as wonderful as the original.

Maybe it is worth considering the default option of automatic route recalculation only by Kurviger, but manual in the absence of Internet?


This also makes more sense to me.

Agree, but I doubt that this would be easy to manage as the algorithm permanently would have to check if internet connection is available or not. What I would really appreciate for new users is a quick start guide with all relevant settings to make kurviger work in basic functionalities. I know that the expectations of each user are different, but if you have some dedicated starting point it would make it easier to get a well working navigation device that can be modified to the individual preferences.

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Maybe we could create a quick start .pref file and offer it to new users.
I use different .pref files to distinguish between car, motorcycle and bike - see: Unterschiedliche Nutzung der Kurviger App / Different use of the Kurviger app


I like a lot of the arguments presented in this thread and it’s very interesting that both sides have valid points.

I think I’m leaning towards on by default. Much like Ciutnik I disabled it myself, but I think we should not forget what a “dummy user” looks like, and what they expect at the very first encounter with a new app.

I think users who think “navigation” (regardless whether it’s curvy or for motorcyclists or whatever) have a gut feeling that the app would try to help them, that it would bring some automation

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I could understand “default on” but only on the condition that the navigator does not keeps insisting on turning back. Suggesting this once is nice and ideal, it allows you to react quickly and still return, which is sometimes the most appropriate thing to do, but suggesting this once is also sufficient. If you drive further, it is expected that an alternative is suggested. If not, the rerouting is not really nice but very annoying in my opinion.

This is a very clever use of the preferences export / import.

It works like the profiles in other apps, but here it is much more flexible. :wink:

Thanks everyone for your answers!

So we better keep the rerouting’s default setting as enabled.

About your other thoughts…

As I already explained, they are shortcomings of the routing services: