Rerouting changes the planned route

Ok understand your point, but:

I drive more than 25000 km per year on a motorcycle and 70% are round trips. As much as I like the Kurviger app, I can’t use it any more if there is no option to strictly keep waypoints (except when I manually skip one of them - there is an option available for this, so no need for a change here).

When I want to visit a location and want to have many curvy roads which are close together before I reach this, the danger is that all the cool curves and even my preferred place of interest get’s deleted when I use the blue arrow. So the blue arrow is worthless for me, but should be a good function for a recalculation without skipping any waypoint or maybe just one as a maximum by default.

Can you please explain exactly when the submenu appears when using the blue arrow and when not. When I use it, mostly it doesn’t appear and even if it appears, then buttons are too close together so that I cannot always strike with the gloves the option that I want. When I use the wrong one or when the option menu doesn’t appear at all, I always lose my planned route. And this is something I can’t understand why somebody should want this on a motorcycle navigation, independent from beeing on a round trip or just or long, several days trip.

I hope you find a solution.

It’s like mentioned above: navigation is off, user away from route, navigation is started, tap blue arrow, rerouting dialog appears.

Also rerouting being an overestimated feature, many usually prefer the freedom of return to route on their own. Can see more in documentation.

We should respect every user to have different wishes. :slightly_smiling_face:

What about this?

When pressing the blue arrow, then show the submenu in every case and make the menu entries much bigger as they are… distance between the entries at least 3 times bigger than now and with Bold Font and bigger in order to not mix it while driving and not select the wrong one with the gloves. The complete screen can be used for this and the touch areas should be unique enough for handling with gloves, then 3rd option for Recalculate to next planned waypoint, so:

Option 1: Next waypoint in planned route
Option 2: Start
Option 3: Next waypoint to GPS position

Sure I do, therefore I only ask for an additional option… which user has asked for such a behaviour to skip all planned waypoints? I can be wrong, but I am still convinced that the “next waypoint” was mis-interpreted as next to gps instead of next of the planned route. What is the opinion from other users?

… just seen that when re-calculation is activated by default, then the 3rd option “deactivate recalculation” is also available which means this could be the 4th option in this case…

This depends on the round trip. The behavior was designed together with users in the past. You can have a look here. If you are close to your destination and ask Kurviger to recalculate the route, how is Kurviger to know which waypoints you want to skip and which to keep, it makes sense that Kurviger will recalculate a route to your destination in this case.

This is especially critical if you use the same road in both directions. Either Kurviger can skip waypoints or it can’t. Users clearly prefer to be able to skip waypoints, so that’s the behavior of Kurviger.

You can always choose to place your own waypoints close to your current location by hand to extend the round-trip to your own liking. Just long press the road ahead and place an intermediate point there, this might keep the route closer to your original route.

This depends on the round trip. The behavior was designed together with users in the past. You can have a look here.

Unfortunately I missed that discussion

By asking in the submenu after pressing the blue arrow like described above or a new general setting for blue arrow recalculation behaviour:
nearest gps waypoint OR nearest waypoint in the planned route.
An option in the submenu could also be named Stoppage (due to Road Works). This could for example skip just ONE waypoint and recalculate the trip to the next planned waypoint. For me it is still incomprehensible why all my planned waypoints should be deleted, independent if I am on a round trip or on a long journey.

By having at least the option I could choose what should happen, but just deleting all planned waypoints without asking is something I don’t like at all. The behaviour is ok for example when it starts raining and sparkling, then I may want to skip all waypoints and find the quickest way home, but this is the only situation where I could imagine wanting this.

Next weekend I drive to the dolomites and had already planned all days through with Kurviger, every day a different rally from the same location. For those I now have to sadly use the “C-thing” or Navigon Cruiser because these don’t delete waypoints unwillingly.

For this I would need to stop, especially when I am in unknown surroundings, this takes time. I don’t want to lose time just because my planned waypoints have been deleted and I don’t like to stop, I am looking for a quick help while driving.

Maybe it is just an understanding or support issue… what does it mean exactly? Is this the setting which influences the way of recalculation when pressing the blue arrow?
Nearest point means then nearest to GPS position? And Next waypoint would calculate the way to the next planned waypoint? What means Next instruction?

No, I just tried to simulate this again and even with this setting, tapping the blue arrow will delete all my planned waypoints.

Maybe I don’t understand you right, but this only should happen with waypoints which already are located “behind” you. This is because if recalculating the route your current location automatically is set as “start”.

So I think you don’t “loose” any waypoints. And: if your route was exported before you can re-import it at any time to check the whole route if necessary.

No, it doesn’t happen with waypoints which have been passed already. This wouldn’t be a problem then. It happens with waypoints which I still have planned to go including all visit and stop locations.

In other planning tools a waypoint can be defined as “pass through” waypoint or “stop waypoint” which have to be kept in any case. I guess this is not possible in Kurviger waypoints.

You propose to pull over, stop the engine, search for the exported route to import it again and then start again? How cumbersome is this? Kurviger shouldn’t just delete my waypoints that I have planned as my route. It is still unbelievable to me who has asked for this rubbish in a MOTORCYCLE navigation system which just kills every motivation to further use it.

Sorry, but I am searching for an easy solution while driving. When I am off the route, I just want to press the blue arrow and get the way calculated BACK to my planned route, nothing else. Everything else is not intuitive. When I permanently need to think on never using the blue arrow, otherwise my route gets destroyed, then this is the time where I stop using Kurviger, even if I liked it very much before.

Everyone please don’t expect participation in discussions with aggressive, rude, uncivilized and disrespectful behavior.

Maybe this is the Problem. I don’t know if the function for recalculation considers the number of waypoints which were already visited or simply identifies the nearest waypoint to decide what section to calculate.

And yes: please keep discussion polite. We’re all here to help each other.

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I agree. But I wasn’t disrespectful to any person. I have just called the result of a change request as rubbish. This is a big difference to me.

I was annoyed because an app that i very much appreciated before, was mad unusable to me by such a change and nobody seems to see this bad result and at least confirms to analyze this further and think of a better way to solve this.

No problem :smile:. I think it’s important for all of us here to have the chance to get aware of such experiences. To be able to identify the cause and maybe some issues. I didn’t have such a situation yet, but I think it depends on the characteristics of a route. Can you post a link to such a route and give information where the recalculation happened?

had already placed an example above

Eselssteige.kurviger (15.4 KB)

But you have to simulate it in this way:
You can simulate this with every stored kurviger round trip route from where you are actually located, switch on GPS, import the round trip, then delete the start point in the waypoint list and tap on the blue arrow. It deletes all other waypoints when actual position is near to the destination.

The same happens when you are in the middle or at any position of the route.

Thing is that we didn’t change anything related lately. As Robin mentioned that’s how rerouting works for a long time. Nevertheless…

It was reported 1 day before. Please give developers time to read the forum, understand user reports (not easy task), reproduce the case or else it’s impossible to improve it.

Remember it is still a 1+1 people project. There are no e.g. Google’s financial or technological resources behind to support fast wonders. :slightly_smiling_face:

The options in “Settings | Navigation | Route indicator” only affect (blue) route indicator’s arrow orientation, i.e. to what direction it points:

  • Nearest point (free coordinates on route)
  • Next instruction (fixed yellow nodes)
  • Next waypoint (via points, destination)
  • Destination
  • Off

The options are not related to rerouting, just an arrow indicator to help resume the route.

When start navigation away of route and trigger a rerouting, then the rerouting dialog appears to select:

  • Start: rerouting is done towards start using all subsequent waypoints
    If select that in your example, tests show that none waypoint is skipped?
  • Nearest point: rerouting is done towards route’s nearest point (skipping waypoints)

When go away of route with active navigation, then a rerouting is triggered towards nearest / next waypoint.