Problem with overwrite in export

When overwriting an existing route there is problem that the format gets destroyed. The tour can be loaded in the app itself (obviously the wrong data is ignored), but not anymore in the web application.

Mjölnir Tour Eifel Lux Schönecken wrong.kurviger (68.6 KB)

The wrong data is here
The correct format is not written into the file, somehow previous code remains in the file and leads to the destruction of the format.

The workaround is to delete the existing route before exporting it from the app, so the problem only exists when an existing file gets overwritten, but it is a bug in the app that maybe can be corrected.

As already explained many times,
Google forces apps to use the storage access framework for file operations.

Apps can only call Android file browser and nothing more.
Meaning that Android controls file operations (not apps).

Do not use overwrite, it is not even advertised by Google.

If there is confusion, I can remove the proposed route name
and always use the “date_time.extension” like in new routes.

I have used this way.

There is no confusion. I have only posted this because the web developer asked me to do so. I can live with the workaround and don’t find it a good idea to just use date_time extension. I prefer the real name of the file that was loaded before.

When that suggestion was made, the export overwrite worked correctly.
(at least on tested devices)

However, we all have to live with Android constant changes and limits.

no problem, I can live with it. It is rather rare that I move a file edited in the app back to the cloud for further editing. The workaround is easy, therefore no problem.

Android file browser’s overwrite seems to be broken by design. :slightly_frowning_face:

When Firefox overwrites downloaded files, it keeps the extension and adds numbers to the name.

Android file browser changes the file extension…

Indeed, Android file manager behaves strangely in (low level) overwrite…

If the written bytes are less than the existing file’s bytes,
the final overwritten file is the mix of new and old bytes!

i.e. overwrite of small route files on large route files

There is a workaround, it will be available in the next app update.

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I am a little confused.
To many Browser and Google statements here.

When can i get the Problem.

  1. On my PC when i export a Route and overwrite the file on my NAS for example
  2. If i export a Route from my App and overwrite an existing file
    If the Problem is only Point 2 then its ok for me.
    If the Problem is Point 1 then i wil get in trouble. To many times i did it for Routes for this year.

The discussion is about export with the Android file manager.

Android storage access framework is a new implementation,
now required (for security) in all apps, but not without issues.

Android overwrite (in mobile) will improve in the next app update.


It should work properly in Kurviger 2.2.19 (Beta).

Thanks for the report!

Fixed in Kurviger 2.2.20.

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