Import on Website from App: Error

I created a route in the App, exported it and when loading i get the error message below. I used bookmarks as waypoints in thie rout - another route without bookmarks is importing fine.

Error message:
JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 1 column 18269 of the JSON data

I am not allowed to attach the .kurviger file here, as the forum treads me as a “new user” :frowning:

Edit: my modus changed, so i could attach the .kurviger file now.
kleine runde west.kurviger (18.6 KB)

This is a default rule of the forum to avoid spam.

I upgraded you, try to attach the .kurviger file again.

Also make sure that the file is transferred correctly
and it has valid json content on the desktop.

Thanks a lot, i edited the post and attached the file now.

The file is invalid.
Renaming its extension to .json, even Firefox can not open it.

Did you try to overwrite an existing file?
Android has problems with overwrite…

You can try Kurviger 2.2.18 (Beta),
where the overwrite issue should be resolved.

For more details see:

Thanks, after deleting the exported file i could create a working export. I will try the beta asap.

Or simply export it with a different name.

I think it is always critical to use letters ä, ö, ü in the file name. This created several issues when using them in Windows accounts or passwords in other applications.

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