Open track from Kurviger pro App in - file is not accepted

Saved the track with kurviger pro app (only gpx is possible) and try to open the file with says it is not possible to open this file only kurviger files.

Kurviger ask me if i think this is wrong - YES this is wrong !

Hi Wolfgang,
could you please send an example.
As long you do not change anything on the exported file it should work properly.
May you can do a new try.
Sometimes the file went corrupt during the transfer from phone to computer.


Please provide the route file so we can reproduce the report.

What app version?

To transfer routes within Kurviger, use kurviger files to maintain the route options and track:

The website (and the app) can import kurviger, gpx, itn, mpjs files.

If you used ovewrite in the app export, the Android overwrite has issues.
It is improved in Kurviger 2.2.19 (Beta).