Make Kurviger App the better Android Auto Navi

It would also fix issue that when using Google assistant is used, screen turns to assistant letting Kurviger background.

That’s how Android (or assistant) works, already discussed in the relevant topic:

Android auto does not work this way.

If you use assistant through android auto app , current screen is maintained while assistant is used.

Precisely, that’s why I mentioned that Android Auto works differently than regular Android and assistant should anyway not steal other apps focus in any mode.

It’s a nice to have feature, which I could examine in future when time allows and more core features are implemented.

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Is there any news on this?
Android Auto compatibility would also allow the app to work with this:

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It’s another “nice to have” feature and all “nice to have” features can be examined when more of the core features are implemented and so more free time is available.

Shame. Since I plan to use EyeRide HUD, for me and colleague few posts above it’s not “nice to have”, but “essential”.

Android Auto is now coming to motorbikes, i have the Africa Twin which will have it soon (just announced). We really really need Kurviger on android auto, the sooner the better - what are the chances?

According to the current information, the smartphone must be connected via USB cable (see also FAQ) - do you really want that? Btw: I’m driving a Africa Twin (but the CRF 1000 L) as well.

Yes, it is ok.
My phone is in my tank bag with a short cable to the USB which is near the right handle, i do that now.
I think you can also get USB wireless adapters that may do this wirelessly although i am not sure.

So overall it would be a good thing to have Kurviger on Android Auto

Google just a few days ago opened Google Play Store for publishing new Android Auto apps to testing.

That requires a major rewrite of any mobile app, so it is a lot of work.

For the future, see my already existing answer:

We really need to get Kurviger onto Android Auto, others are now leading the way and sad to say I am now using a competitor.
I use it to import gpx files to follow a route that has been pre planned.

When will we get it!!

Requires writing a new app → significant resources and time.

Not in the foreseeable future, sorry.

Better use the app on the phone, it has more features.

Edited my review in the store to boost the algorithm a bit. Hope our favorite developer knows we still :heart: him, keep going @devemux86, just one feature after the other, in the priority you see fit, you can do it :fist:


Contrary to one of my earlier posts, I am now no longer in favour of scarce developer resources being used to adapt to Android Auto.
I have been able to try Android Auto with some “competitor products” (Waze, TomTom, Sygic) and was overall very disappointed. Starting with the waste of space due to the huge box on the left with the instructions, which you can’t configure away, to the generally limited configurability and the additional prices.
Most people won’t need it on a motorbike (yet), because the number of two-wheel SUV that integrate AA is still small.
I would have liked to have it in a convertible, because I wouldn’t have a second device on the dashboard. But the above-mentioned disadvantages outweigh the benefits for me.

One more comment on the 1-star ratings in the Android shop.
Basically, people, “spoiled” by supposedly free software like Google or open source, expect software to cost nothing or almost nothing. Many do not realise that they then pay for the use of their personal data. Small or very small developers are naturally unable to do this.

Entgegen einem meiner früheren Posting, bin ich mittlerweile nicht mehr dafür, dass die knappen Entwickler-Ressourcen für die Anpassung an Android Auto verwendet werden.
Ich habe Android Auto mit einigen “Mitbewerber-Produkten” ausprobieren dürfen (Waze, TomTom, Sygic) und war insgesamt sehr enttäuscht. Angefangen bei der Platzverschwendung durch den riesigen Kastens links mit den Anweisungen, den man nicht weg konfigurieren, über die generell eingeschränkte Konfigurierbarkeit kann bis hin zu den aufgerufenen Aufpreisen.
Auf dem Motorrad werden es die Meisten sowieso (noch) nicht brauchen, denn noch ist die Zahl der Zweirad-SUV, die AA integrieren klein.
Im Cabrio hätte ich gerne gehabt, weil ich so kein zweites Gerät am Dashboard hätte. Die o.g. Nachteile überwiegen aber für mich.

Noch eine Anmerkung zu den 1 Stern-Bewertungen im Android-Shop.
Grundsätzlich erwarten die Leute, “versaut” durch vermeintlich kostenlose SW wie Google oder open source, dass Software nichts oder fast nichts kostet. Dass sie dann über die Nutzung ihrer persönlichen Daten doch zahlen, realisieren viele nicht. Kleine oder kleinste Entwickler können das naturgemäß nicht.


what’s stopping you from changing the rating again based on this knowledge?

I can understand that and it is just stupid and brazen of users to deliver such a rating.

You have to think about it: on every trip you spend much more on fuel, food and drink than the really cheap subscription of 10€ per year or 20€ if you take the web and app development together.

The flexibility of Calimoto cannot come close to that of Kurviger, even though there are more developers at work.

But why is the review of beta users not published, but only visible to the developer? I would guess that most of the users active here in the forum give it 5 stars.


I think there is a misunderstanding here.
What I wrote is an attempt to explain why some people rule the way they do here. I neither share nor support this attitude. On the contrary, I find it disgusting.
But in a time when anyone can write any nonsense on the net, unfortunately you have to live with such a reaction.
I suspect that among these people are few to none who know for a long time or deal with it intensively.


Yes, was a misunderstanding then.

I took a look at the preview images for Kurviger 2. They are still in the old style, quite old-fashioned. Maybe you could update them and emphasise the flexibility and adaptability to personal needs, for example:

  • there is a simulation mode
  • the colours for routes, symbols and sections are freely definable
  • maps and route width can be zoomed and automatically adjusted depending on speed or distance
  • the font and symbol sizes are adjustable
  • buttons can be hidden or displayed according to the individual taste
  • … all the advantages that you look for in vain at Calimoto or others


and take the other example: Everyone spends more money on fuel, food and drink on a motorbike day trip, so it seems downright ridiculous to denounce yourself over €10 a year for the app subscription or €20 for both web and app.


Standard Google play policy, to prevent beta users from dragging your app down cause it crashes and they forget they are on beta… Which… Happens a lot :smiley:

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