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Hi Guys,

I’ve experienced a lot of complains about the Design of the Kurviger App.

The most people (including me) would just like to start the app and select a layout.
They don’t want to spend much time to configure the colors and everything.

So my suggestion is to give users the possibility to choose a layout at the first startup of the app.
This would get Kurviger a lot of new users.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

What layouts? There are no layouts for selection.

They do not need to configure anything, the app already uses sane defaults.

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And that is the problem.

The default design is very bad.

It would be better if there are layouts where you can choose from.
The option to customize the color of the track and everything is nice to have, but for the most users not necessary.
They just want to start the app - select a design and go with it.

For example take a look at the TomTom Rider or the google maps app - these look way better from beginning (without configure anything) then kurviger app

And I know I could just export my map to those applications - but I like the kurviger project so much, I believe in improvements.

Everyone can have a different view on the beauty of apps:

We welcome constructive feedback for improving the app (or the website).

And many other users can easily find their designs to be “very bad”.

Anyway this is not a fair comparison and does not help anywhere…
Check the number of developers and resources in these companies.

Users like to complain about subscriptions, give 1 star reviews,
but expect developers to work for free adding new features…

I like the Kurviger look.
BTW: Is the (semi-)transparent look of the navigation panel selected as default for new users?

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The default is like here:

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Definitely not a very encouraging message for the developer.
On the other hand, I do like the Kurviger app design. So …

Really? From whom then ?


I would add some transparency to the default appearance of the navigation panel.
Why hide such a nice feature?


Most navigators have boring colors without transparency,
so the default was chosen somewhat conservatively. :thinking:

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Thank you for the comparative images for both apps.
If you want to see a lot of map, the winner sure is clear.


I’m sorry, since I’ve subscribed to the new app, Kurviger looks way better then before. The transparent look is very nice in combination with Map color “high contrast”

Thanks to @linux-user for the comparative images

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Nice idea, although I think it would be more important to introduce automatic day/night color change from two user-defined templates. (Especially with regard to the colors of the map!)

But as far as I remember, @devemux86 explained once that it’s not as easy to implement as we think…

It could be done, as described in its topic, with predefined colors:
(not user defined, too complicated)

Dear Kurviger,

I totally disagree with Ravira43,
I really think Kurviger is one of the best, if not the best, “MotorTourer” applications.
I also like the layout very much. It’s simple, direct, no unnecessary info.
One can use it as a real “Roadbook” which is totally impossible with the common GPS systems.

As with any GPS (Roadbook) system, one remains dependent on the information as it appears in the “Central” Database. Not every country is equally accurate.

I understand this comment doesn’t add anything, but I still wanted to give the developers of Kurviger a big compliment.

Lieber Kurviger,

Ich bin absolut anderer Meinung mit Ravira43,
Ich finde Kurviger wirklich eine der besten, wenn nicht sogar die beste “MotorTourer”-Anwendung.
Auch das Layout gefällt mir sehr gut. Es ist einfach, direkt, keine unnötigen Informationen.
Man kann es als echtes “Roadbook” verwenden, was mit den gängigen GPS-Systemen völlig unmöglich ist.

Wie bei jedem GPS-System (Roadbook) bleibt man auf die Informationen angewiesen, wie sie in der “zentralen” Datenbank erscheinen. Nicht jedes Land ist gleich genau.

Ich verstehe, dass dieser Kommentar nichts hinzufügt, aber ich wollte den Entwicklern von Kurviger trotzdem ein großes Kompliment machen.


Thanks for the nice words and support!

You can expect a lot more in the future as development never stops. :slightly_smiling_face: