Kurviger 1.11.8 (Beta)

I think the four options (40 / 80 / 160 / 320 km/h) are OK and enough to be useful.

But it seems that the simulation speed is a little bit lower than the chosen speed setting. I made a test route with a length of 10km and stopped the time the simulation took from start to end.

With a simulation speed of 320km/h it lasted approx. 2:30min (should be approx. 1:50min at this speed).
With a simulation speed of 160km/h it lasted approx. 4:55min (should be approx. 3:45min at this speed).

Times were nearly (but not exactly) the same while using the smooth movement setting switched on or off.

So I would suggest to increase the simulated speeds about 30-40% for better corresponding the chosen speed.

And would it be possible to keep the “Skip previous / next turn instructions”-buttons active even while moving (to not being forced to use “pause” every time you want to “switch” forward)?

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Same comment from my side - just perfect! :motorcycle:


And once again: You are great!!

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Thanks for the feedback.

Exact timing would be difficult, as it’s not simply a physics equation, but will see for improvements.

I have thought that, but complicates implementation and preferred to keep things simple for start.
Speed can be changed in real time while simulation runs.

Erstmal Danke für die Arbeit an der App :smiley:
Was mich mal interessieren wäre ein Guide wo der jeweilige Einfluss der Funktionen auf den Akku hinterlegt ist.
Wenn das überhaupt möglich ist, so das man weiß “Ok, auf die schöne Grafik verzichte ich, hab dafür mehr Akku”…

First of all thanks for the work on the app :smiley:
What interests me would be a guide where the respective influence of the functions on the battery is stored.
If this is possible at all, so you know “Ok, I don’t use the nice graphics, but I have more battery”…

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Kurviger 1.11 (Beta) contains new optimizations for better battery efficiency.

Candidates for more CPU / GPU use and so for more battery consumption could be:

  • Smooth movement: active only when screen is on and is more for fluid map animations
  • Kalman filter: works regardless screen to reduce GPS errors (remains optional if need it)

Wunderbar, Danke schön. :smiley:

Wonderful, thank you.

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Very nice new features, especially simulation mode and smooth movements :full_moon_with_face::+1:

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My feedback:

I appreciate most (for MY purposes)

  1. Advanced map scale / display zoom level
  2. Bookmarks: long press on route to add bookmarks


  1. The simulation mode is nice, but have to find out what it is good for in everyday use. (And even with simulation speed 320 km/h :smiley: it takes a lot of time to “travel” by the simulation, if you don’t jump from one instruction to the next; but if you do so, what could be the sense to simulate the route)
    But as I said:
    Perhaps I have to find out first, in which situations the sim mode will be beneficial for ME.
    Possibly one of the other users may describe when and how you (will) use this as a tool.

  2. Speed based vioce guidance is useful for sure on the motorbike, but I don’t use it so often in the car, because I have a good view of the map there.

  3. Smooth movement in navigation / follow may be nice as well, but its not a Must for me and probably not matching my Galaxy S5, that often already reaches its limit, because I usually run several apps at the same time.


The Kurviger app has quite a lot of different settings and options. So sometimes it can take a while to discover all the features and functionalities, and to identify the appropriate settings for your personal needs and hardware device.
And like with all navigation solutions you somehow have to “learn” its specific behaviour and visualization so that it becames completely ingrained before using it in the road.

Therefore it’s much more comfortable and safe (!) to be able to that at home like by using a simulation mode. And not being forced to absolve a lot of “test trips” on the street to finally determine your personal settings. That especially applies for motorcycle trips where you don’t want to pay too much deep attentrion to discover all the details of your navigation app while being driving around, but where the app should already be a tool which can be easy and intuitively used for all your personal needs on the road.

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That’s indeed a convincing argument. Thx! :+1:t4:

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Danke! Sehr guten Erklärung von @SchlesiM über den Sinn einer Simulation der Route. Jetzt kann auch ich etwas damit anfangen.

Viele Grüße


Kurviger 1.11.2 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: simulate navigation function (Pro)

  • Skip to route start / end (long press) :rewind: :fast_forward:
  • Keep :rewind: :fast_forward: active while simulation runs
  • Speed up adjustments

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Navigation mode”.

- Map: advanced map scale / display zoom level

Extra option to turn off scale bar, when not need it and for more map view.

Available in “Settings | Map | Map scale”.

- Various improvements



I’ve made several test yesterday. Thanks for all the improvements. I enjoyed the scale bar and the simulation. Great to adjust the zoom level. And of course the weather is shitty in the moment. The simulation works well for tests.
And the smooth movements are looking great.

Well done and many thanks.



Unfortunately the smooth movement is not working fine for me because it is very lazy… even 100m after ta crossing the direction is still not turned completely. I am using a Galaxy S9 plus.

Do you mean that map rotation is slow?
What speed do you have when see a non expected smooth movement behavior?

Smooth movement depends on GPS and is adjusted to the 1" interval which most GPS work.

Anyway I plan to introduce some timing improvements to cover if possible more devices.

Yes, I mean the map rotation which is slow. I seldomly drive too slow, but normally after crossing the speed is not that high. I accelerate rather quick. The arrow at GPS posititon rotates quickly into the driven direction, but the map rotates very lazy afterwards.
My settings in track recording are: 5sec interval, min. distance 10m, min. GPS accuracy 15m and min.speed 0 km/h, the GPS in the Galaxy Series is normally very precise.

In navigation there are two map / location rotation modes:

  • Map rotation off: map stays north up, location arrow rotates
  • Map rotation on: location arrow stays north up, map rotates

So cannot have both with rotation, which one have you tried?

GPS logging is not related to navigation and smooth movement.

When I mentioned above about 1" interval, I meant the time interval that GPS sensor works internally with satellites to report location changes to device.

I think I have map rotation on. Where do I find it in the settings menu?

When I mentioned above about 1" interval, I meant the time interval that GPS sensor

Ok, I almost thought so, then I have no clue. I don’t care for such things normally, main thing it works.

It’s in “Settings | Navigation | Map rotation”.

And can be controlled inside navigation if tap compass.
(compass is also explained in documentation)