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App: Smooth movement

Provide option for smooth movement in navigation / follow location modes.

Instead of map location “jumps”, smooth scroll / rotation can be performed.

Used alone or with Kalman filter, offers more fluid location map animations.

I really like this idea. Smoother movements look more professional and would improve the user experience escpially for those who prefer to be visually navigated (like me).

But I think this would result in more power consumption because of a shorter refresh cycle, right? Therefore it would be good to have this as an optional setting.


Correctly, everywhere the “Smooth movement” or the “Kalman filter” require more CPU or GPU (depends on implementation), so will be optional with default off.

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Has anyone else tried the smooth movement feature while driving?
Can you share your experience, feedback with smooth movement?

Available in “Settings | Location | Smooth movement”.

I’ve tried the smooth movement feature today on a short trip.
So far nothing to complain, on the Samsung Galaxy S7


I tried it now several times and the map movement is still too slow. Especially in alternating curves it is far behind the reality. Samsung S9+

Implemented in Kurviger 1.11.5.