App: Smooth movement

Provide option for smooth movement in navigation / follow location modes.

Instead of map location “jumps”, smooth scroll / rotation can be performed.

Used alone or with Kalman filter, offers more fluid location map animations.

I really like this idea. Smoother movements look more professional and would improve the user experience escpially for those who prefer to be visually navigated (like me).

But I think this would result in more power consumption because of a shorter refresh cycle, right? Therefore it would be good to have this as an optional setting.


Correctly, everywhere the “Smooth movement” or the “Kalman filter” require more CPU or GPU (depends on implementation), so will be optional with default off.

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Has anyone else tried the smooth movement feature while driving?
Can you share your experience, feedback with smooth movement?

Available in “Settings | Location | Smooth movement”.

I’ve tried the smooth movement feature today on a short trip.
So far nothing to complain, on the Samsung Galaxy S7


I tried it now several times and the map movement is still too slow. Especially in alternating curves it is far behind the reality. Samsung S9+

Implemented in Kurviger 1.11.5.

Yesterday I did a 100km ride with many sharp turns.
I can confirm the observation from @Tom, that in some situations map rotation lags behind reality. Maybe 3 seconds or more. Especially after sharp turns at crossroads with subsequent rapid acceleration.

My settings:

  • Kalman filter: on
  • Smooth movement: on
  • Location service: Google
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 8

I switched Kalman filter off -> no visible difference.
Then I changed location service from Google to Android.

Remaining test time was to short for a final conclusion, but my impression was, that map rotation was now way faster.
My observation so far, leads me to the conclusion that Google location service lags behind reality.



Thanks everyone for the feedback, especially the details are very useful!

Google location service is supposed to be more efficient and battery friendly, but also a black box.

It will be more fine tuned in next app version and we’ll see how its behavior is improved in action.

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During (almost?) every ride, I notice the smooth movement being disabled by itself after a while and the map gets jumpy (2-3 fps maybe) again. It stays enabled in the menu. When pausing and resuming the navigation, it gets smooth again for a while.

I use Android GPS (not Google) and the Kalman Filter is enabled.

Are you aware of this problem?

I’m trying to make a screen recording with the built-in simulation but there it doesn’t seem to occur. I will make a screen recording during my next real ride to illustrate the problem for you. Any other information I could collect when doing this?

It’s better not set Kalman filter + Smooth movement simultaneously.

Kalman filter has its own process, so select each time one of them.