Import route: routing from location options

Offer more options for routing from location to imported route’s start or nearest point (current workflow).

See detailed discussion in old forum.

Would be absolutely useful. I usually import my routes from another platform, and almost every time I have to adjust start and destination to prevent Kurviger from thinking that I already reached my destination (because it’s the nearest point if the route is a roundtrip).

Even better: it would be great, if I could choose any waypoint within my route to be the first waypoint Kurviger is routing to from my current location. This way it would be much easier to re-enter a route anywhere from outside the route.

Probably mean this feature:

Current situation (V1.4.2)

When importing a route this dialog appears:

I think, it is not obvious what “calculate route from current position” actually does.


Replace with a dialog like this!

:arrow_heading_up: Import route

  • calculate route to start point
  • calculate way to nearest point of the route
  • keep route as is.

:bulb:And maybe the last user choice could be the default for the next Import.
Edit: Alternatively default is always: keep route as is


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That’s the “simple” import dialog, i.e. for gpx files the dialog has much more options:

Yes, exactly. :grinning:

What does “extend route”?
I could neither find it in the docu nor understand it by experimenting.

The gpx dialogue is indeed more complicated.
That makes it questionable, to try to change the route during import - at least for the gpx-dialogue.
It is difficult enough to replicate the original version as close as possible.

Despite my above proposal I am not a fan of changing the route directly during import.
Although it saves a few clicks, I think it would be clearer and more predictable to separate things into single steps.


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It works similarly to website, if there is a route on map, then the calculated route from the import, can extend it.

One use case would be: you have multiple parts of a trip (for example one file per day) as .gpx files. Now you want to load the whole trip. You can do this by loading every file in order with the extend route checkbox checked.

Thank you for the explanation.
The more I think about it, the more I think it would be better to remove the option “routing from location” from the import dialogue, as this dialogue is already quite crowded.

IMHO there are better places for the routing from location option e.g.

  • route | action
  • or at start of navigation


Implemented in Kurviger 1.5.