Kurviger 1.5

Kurviger 1.5 is on Google Play:

- Navigation: option to choose rerouting from the current location to start or nearest point (Pro)

When navigation starts and being off route, the rerouting asks to calculate route from user location to route’s start or nearest point.

- Import: overlay and routing extended options for GPX

The Overlay + Routing options in import GPX were revised, so can choose separately and simultaneously which data type want for each process.

- Import: routing from the current location to start or nearest point

When import a route, can select if want additional routing from user location to imported route’s start or nearest point.

- Round trips: extended options for round trip’s start point

Round trip creation was enhanced, to allow using as start: the (old) current start, the (new) selected start (via long press) or the user location.

- Application: screen orientation extended options

Screen orientation options were enriched:

  • System to follow device setting
  • Portrait, Landscape, Reverse portrait, Reverse landscape for fixed orientation
  • Sensor to override any devices that don’t allow reverse portrait or reverse landscape

We’re looking forward for your feedback about the new version and we wish you a nice Kurviger experience! :motorcycle: :racing_car:

Great! Thank you for another promising looking update! :+1::grinning:

I’m a little bit confused about the workflow for those new options.

My scenario:

  • I usually have “rerouting” disabled in the settings
  • I imported a new route and started navigation for the first time
  • I expected to see the new option dialog (to select “start” or “nearest point”)

But this dialog seems to be directly linked to the rerouting option.

So I have to go this way to get what I want:

  • activate “rerouting” (I’m using the “tap-on-next-instruction”-function for that)
  • now the rerouting options dialog appears, so I select “nearest point” (for example)
  • because I still don’t want automatic rerouting during my trip I’m now forced to deactivate it again (second tap on the “next instruction” field)

Seems a little bit inconvenient in my opinion. When starting a new route (after an import and while being off the route) it should be possible to select “start” or “nearest point”, even if “rerouting” is deactivated. And in this case it should not automatically activate this option (it should stay like it was in my settings).

Why? Because quite often I start my route while having an internet connection (maybe WLAN), but I don’t have a connection during my trip (which is the reason why I have usually have deactivated “rerouting”). So I want to have it calculated at my starting point, but only once and without using “rerouting” while being on the road.

Ok, I understand that I could have used this new function direcly when importing the route:

But usually I want to see the imported route before staring navigation. So I want to decide between “start” and “nearest point” after the import and when I first start navigation for this route.

I think this was like the old function (calculating route from my current starting point) worked. And this should equally be possible with the two new option “start”/“nearest point”. Particuarly if considering that “skip next waypoint” also re-calculates the route - but without automatically re-activating the “rerouting” setting if it is switched off.

I really love this new behaviour! Now it is possible to import GPX files from another platform and to see directly the original track (red line) in comparison to the route Kurviger calculated (blue line). :+1:

Didn’t test the other changes yet. But you’re doing a great job, that’s for sure! :grin:

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Ahhh - I think I found the correct way to do that:

  • if being off the route directly after importing it, there’s the usual stop-sign at the top of the map
  • if I tap on this sign the expected dialog (“start” or “nereast point”) appears
  • in this case after selecting one of those two options, “rerouting”-setting keeps unchanged

It’s a question of how to use the app :laughing:.

The import workflow remains the same, just the extra routing option was enriched.

When import route can do extra routing to start or nearest point or do nothing and import the route unchanged.

Exactly, nothing changed on when rerouting happens, related to its on/off state.
If have rerouting disabled, then can trigger it by tap the warning sign as always.

When start navigation (with rerouting off) and want a rerouting at start, can tap the warning sign to trigger it and then select the rerouting type.

Interesting scenario, we can think to allow such workflow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes indeed, that’s the workflow we thought of :slight_smile:. That the way we designed it. The idea is that automatic rerouting is disabled, so nothing should happen “automatically”. If you think this should be different, please let us know and we can discuss the pros and cons of each solution :+1: .

Uh nice work, didn’t even know this is possible programmatically, cool


a great feature as depending of smartphones usb and audio position, it allows to reverse them in waterproof bags to have correct output of cables :slight_smile:

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After some experience with V1.5 I would say well done.

  • The Import dialogue for *.gpx is more intuitive and easier to handle than before, despite it has more options. The separate options for overlay and for routing are a big improvement here.
  • What I like about starting navigation is, that no rerouting is done unintentionally.
    If auto rerouting is on, and you start navigation in an off route situation, you have the opportunity to switch off auto rerouting. That’s great!