Waypoint as route start / delete previous waypoints

Sometimes I want to enter a route at a certain waypoint (which means: not at the starting point of my route). Or I stop my current navigation and want to choose a certain waypoint to be the next one to be navigated to, because I want to omit a section of my formerly planned route.

For such situations it would be great if I could select one of the waypoints (as “next destination”) of my route so that this waypoint would be the next one navigation would lead me to. Would make the Kurviger app much more flexible and shouldn’t be too complicated to be implemented. And it’d be less inconvenient that fiddling with the waypoint list, which is quite difficult, especially on the road, because list items are quite small and it could easily happen to make a mistake and to “destroy” your route this way (especially if waypoints can’t have a custom name).

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Title better be “…as stop for navigation” since that what is described?

BTW can start or resume navigation anywhere in a route skipping automatically the “previous” waypoints.

No, that’s not what I meant. What I mean is, that it would be great if I could select one of the waypoints of my currently imported route, so that the app will then calculate directly the way from my current location to that selected waypoint (and then of course the rest of my route).

Or described in other words: this way I would always be able to skip a certain number of waypoints (in fact all the waypoints before the selected one). It’s similar as if I would delete all the waypoints before the selected one from the waypoint list. But without affecting the list by really deleting them, so that I’m still able to select any other waypoint again and again.

Why? Because the autoskip function in the Kurviger app works very well, but there’re still situations where I want to skip one or more waypoint manually and continue my route starting at a certain waypoint.


Currently one active route can exist with it’s waypoints, either in website or in app.
So any waypoint changes (in list or elsewhere) modify also all route elements.

There is request for multiple route profiles simultaneously, but that’s another feature.

I’m afraid my feature request was still somehow mistaken (maybe due to my attempt to describe it in English).

Do you know the navigation app of MyRoute-app? If you open a route within this app, so it can be (re-)calcuted for navigation, you have three options where the navigation should start: at the begin if the route (starting waypoint), at the nearest waypoint (if entering the route from a location outside) or at a certain waypoint (you can then select one of the waypoints from the current route’s waypoint list). If I choose the third option, navigation will lead me directly to the selected waypoint (depending in the other routing settinngs, of course).

I think in the Kurviger app, the menu “Routing / Options” would be an appropriate place for a similar option. There could be an additional dropdown with three options: “start at begin”, “start at nearest” and “start at waypoint #”. After selecting the third option the waypoints list should be displayed to be able to select one of it’s entries. This would then be the first waypoint for the navigation the route is (re-)calcuted for (and may be either the starting waypoint, nor the nearest one).

Have fun and ride safe!

Don’t worry, with translations it would be worse! :slightly_smiling_face:

We had discussed in old forum, when a navigation begins away from the route, to have an option to navigate to route start or its nearest point.

A waypoint selection is actually a new idea and involves more UI steps to organize.

Maybe it would be easier to offer a workaround by having two different modes for deleting a waypoint from the current route:

  1. delete this waypoint (like the function works at the moment)
  2. delete previous waypoints (deletes all the waypoints up to the one currently selected)

Such a function could serve as a method to select a new entry point into the current route, because after deleting all the previous waypoints the selected one automatically becomes the starting point and a rerouting is triggered. And no need to worry about destroying the route, because it usually is saved and could be imported again at any time.

I think such a function could be useful for a couple of situations and should be quite easy to implement (especially if there will be a context menu for waypoints in one of the future versions).

(I changed the topic for this post to make this point clearer)

The deleting of waypoints should be definitely improved.
The waypoint-list in the menu is not very intuitive here.
I would love a context menu similar to the website.


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The Routing | Actions menu might be a good place for such route changes.
In actions menu there might be some more “actions” to change the route, something like this;

Route from current location

  • to start
  • to nearest route point
  • to waypoint xxx (drop down menu)

See also my comment about separating
Navigation, modifying route, and importing route
Import route: routing from location options


The processes are obviously separated and will be kept that way.
Each one can have its own options for everyone’s preferences.

Let me say it in other words.
We have 3 topics that try to solve a similar problem.

Current position != start point

But they do it at a different stage of the workflow.
The usual workflow is:

  1. Import route Import route: routing from location options
  2. Modify route to your likings (this thread when you generalize it)
    You need to add “start” and “nearest route-point” to the possible choices
  3. Start navigation Navigation: rerouting option

At each stage you can insert a “calculate route from current position to xxx”
It’s a matter of personal preference.

My preference would be at stage 2, so I vote for Mario’s @SchlesiM suggestion.