How to avoid waypoints when driving on motorways?

When planning a route in kurviger, I like the curvy road szenario.
However, on longer trips you have also longer motorway tracks and if you want Kurviger to follow these motorways, you have to put a waypoint in every motorway outlet.
This leads to dozens of waypoints, that are powering up your map without any sense.

Is there any trick you guys use to overcome this problem?
Any hint apprechiated!

Wenn man eine Route in Kurviger plant, dann nutze ich sehr gerne die kurvige Streckenführung.
Allerdings gibt es gerade bei langen Routen immer wieder Strecken, wo man auf Autobahnen fährt.
Wenn man Kurviger veranlassen will, diesen Autobahnstrecken zu folgen, dann muss man in der Regel in allen Ausfahrten Zwischenziele setzen. Das führt dann in der Konsequenz zu Dutzenden von Zwischenzielen, welche die Karte ziemlich überladen.
Kennt jemand einen Trick, wie man das optimieren kann?

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Hello Michael,

if you prefere motorways on your trip, you can use the routing profile “fast and curvy”
There is a feature request, to have multiple routing profiles within one route.
See old forum.

Currently you have to split your route into different sections, if you want to have different routing profiles.
Splitting can be done on the website by clicking on a waypoint. (Route 1 and Route 2)



Hammer! Das war die Lösung, nach der ich gesucht hatte. Ich danke dir vielmals!
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What is our philosophy on “migrating” old threads over? Should we just ask the question again and link to the old thread? Or wait till someone has the problem again and start fresh?

This is what I do for bigger trips as well. Have a Google Doc ready and make a link for every day/section/region you want to ride

This question is probably OT, however, could you explain to me, what you mean by this?
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New features or remaining cases can reposted here (with old forum links if exist).
@SchlesiM has already transferred several of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

@MichT I mean that I have a document which is called let’s say “Toskana vacation”.
And then I have some chapter headers for Day1, Day2, Day3 Part1, Day3 Part2 etc. etc.
And let’s say Day1 is pure highway with fastest setting, Day2 is pure mountains with curvy setting (or whatever, I usually set so many markers that it doesn’t matter anymore) and on Day3 I have two parts, exit the mountains with curvy setting and then ride the motorway with fastest setting.

Each of these chapters gets the long URL that I have in the Browser at the top when I plan on the computer. And then on the road I just open that Google Doc and click on whatever section I want to drive. The Google doc ist just a collection of URLs instead of files like other people would probably do

Gotcher, Patrick!
Basically, I could also export all of those sections into different .kurviger files, store them locally on the phone and load them gradually into the app.
My personal approach is to navigate offline as much as possible, therefore I do not wanna work with URLs.
No matter how, another great evaluation!

Thank you very much!


Hm yes good point with the internet. I gues I’m just not used to it, I’ve only been a “tour-making-guy” since very recently, I never did this in a time where internet was not free in the whole EU, I really got used to having it everywhere

Stupid question: Is Internet free? You have to have at least a cellphone contract or/and an Internet access at home, that also is not free. I have to pay more than 20Bucks a month to have local access to the Internet.
Have no cellphone contract, just calling prepaid.
Do I miss something?

Serious question, saving money very much apprechiated!

The route planning in Kurviger uses almost no internet. Even with a 100MB plan you can plan probably more than 1000 routes.

But I guess most people have an internet connection anyway :slight_smile:.

Btw in Germany there are options for fee internet like Netzclub (they will send you advertisement though).

For a good route planning experience on the go I highly recommend a 4g plan with a good provider and 4g capable device, this makes a huge difference.

Haha no sorry, I meant free roaming :smiley: