Restricted roads

Hello everybody, I’m new in this forum. I used the App several times and was amazed to experience roads in my region I even didn’t know they exist.

However, in the settings I preferred the avoidance of main roads etc, just focus on small roads. By doing so I also experienced some difficulties. Often enough I was guided to roads which were restricted and only allowed e. g. to enter by farmers (in German: nur fuer Forst- und Landwirtschaft). In consequence I was forced to return quite some way resp. to find an alternative by myself.
Another effect was by approaching e. g. a small town or village the system guided me to side roads within the town, avoiding driving on the main road, but bring me back to the main road just after a few hundred meters which makes from a computer logic sense, but not from a drivers perspective.

My questions: is there any idea how to avoid this or it need to be considered in the algorythm logic for future updates ?
Happy for any advise, because I relay like the simplicity of the App.
Thanks in advance to the Forum supporting here.

Hi, welcome, and thanks for the nice words :slight_smile:

You are describing two separate problems, let’s tackle them both:

  1. Wrong map data

The reason when things like that happen, is that Kurviger uses OpenStreetMap data, which is edited by the community worldwide, and can therefore sometimes be wrong. It’s like wikipedia for Maps. If you’re in the mood you can make an account there and correct some stuff yourself. If you live in an area where - appearantly, as you say - there are lots of errors, then you would really help everybody here, we would be super grateful! Kurviger would automatically use your corrections after all the server magic in the background has happened after a couple of days

  1. The Kurviger algorithm

This is actually something that Kurviger is responsible for. So here we have a result of the programming of this service. We had the discussion of splitting up a route (sometimes ignore main roads, sometimes not. Sometimes go fastest, sometimes go most curvy…) multiple times in this forum already, for example here:

or here:

Maybe you can go over into those threads and get some tips or participate in the discussion.
But maybe the developers could also change the algorithm again, to be less “avoid-y” inside cities. It’s probably not an easy change, though, and it could be very destructive to other things


Great. Many thanks for the quick response. Will check it and try also my best to support.

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