Two Start / End Points on Same Route (not split)

Hello All,

I have recently started using Kurviger and am really impressed! However, I have run into a snag and am looking for a work-around that does not require two separate navigation files.

There is a short bridge crossing a stream that is on an OHV trail (for 4 wheelers, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles). Both ends of the bridge are easily accessible from the road so it is utilized regularly by registered dual sport / ADV motorcycles.

Is there a way to force the route across this bridge even though it is not on the open source map? It should not be added to the open source map as there is a barricade restricting car access.

If not able to force, is there a way to have two start points and end points? First end point is at beginning of of bridge crossing and second start point is at end of bridge crossing?

Creating a route around a 30’ long bridge adds many road miles I have no intention of traveling.

Thanks for reading!

Nope, sorry, both of your ideas for solving this are not possible with the current Version of Kurviger.

For more information: We talk about splitting routes into several parts here (and I think in several other threads as well, at least a little bit). You’ll be forced to make two routes (two .kurviger/.gpx files) but look around the forum a bit, lots of people already do that and they have some nice tips for it (like collecting all “sections” for a day in a Google doc, or a specific folder on their smartphone)

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Not yet, but this feature is on the wishlist of many users.
Straight-Line / Point Planning mode / Plotting a track on unsurfaced roads

It should not be added to the open source map as there is a barricade restricting car access.

IMHO this bridge should definitely be added to OpenStreetMap, as well as the barricade.
If there are any restrictions, this information can (and should) be added as tags.
See FAQ to OSM



If it’s a legal access, it could be added specifying that cars cannot cross, but for example hikers, cyclists, or motorcyclists can cross

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Thanks all for your help and taking the time to reply!

It is very helpful to find out open source maps can be edited to define / restrict type of access (pedistrian, etc) and it’s not just for roads.