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I carefully adjusted the background of the navigation overlay to the darkest grey possible that still makes the overlay content appear black to reduce display burn-in.

Since an update, the overlay content has a white outline, burning into my display at max brightness. And it looks ugly. Can we please get rid of this?

There is no reason for this outline because contrast to the background is already assured by the boxes below.

The content changes permanently - how can it get burned in?

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All symbols and texts have outlines to better see them.
(like in map, compass, scale bar, zoom, …)

If you do not want outlines, you can use black display color.

In Kurviger 2 you can set different display / icon / font colors.

But as @zaphod_42 mentioned:

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Here is a photo of my phone display showing nothing but full-screen white at max. brightness.

You can see that the content that keeps changing burns in more blurry than the content that never changes (clock and flag icons) but it still burns in because it lights up the same area of the display.

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I could see if it is technically possible to add an option for outlines.

But this does not help much the OLED case.
This could be addressed in the future, if possible in another way:

It would, because black/grey is less harmful than full bright white which is enforced by the outline.

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The new graphic system of the app supports custom colors for the outline of the elements.

But since icons and fonts can have different colors,
adding 2 options for outline color seems too much.

It is probably simpler to add an on / off option for all outlines in navigation panels?


Available in Kurviger 2.1.3 (Beta).


Implemented in Kurviger 2.1.8.

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