App: Screen saver in navigation / follow

Genauso sehe ich das auch, aber es scheint ja schwierig zu sein, das umzusetzen.

It is true that I do not use an OLED screen on a motorcycle, but when I export videos from the Insta360 application on a tablet with OLED, I turn off the screen using this application:

It is effective, working, configurable and free (although I decided to support the developer by buying PRO).

I don’t consider pixel-shift a solution as is doesn’t prevent burn-in, it just makes the edges of burnt-in areas blurry so that they appear a bit less obvious. As @Hobbyfahrer said, the displays with variable content already do some sort of pixel shifting just by the content changing and these are still burnt in. These burn-ins just appear like dark clouds on the display but the damage is clearly visible.

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CRT displays had this problem. LCD then solved it nicely. OLED now brings this annoyance back. Technical progress? So sad.

See my answer above about what is possible and could be done in the future:

I just took this picture to complain about the new outlines causing burn-in in this thread, but I thought this is a good illustration why some sort of screensaver is neccessary.

This is my phone display showing nothing but full screen white at max brightness.
I manually turn off the display as often as safely possible but it still burned in like this.

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  • Screen turns on before the turns
  • Screen turns black after the turns
  • Screen stays on when being off route
  • Screen turns on (with timeout) when touching the screen

Works best with dark theme and fullscreen mode.

Available in Kurviger 2.1.2 (Beta).


I tested the screensaver mode this afternoon going home.

It works fine, just some things that can enhance the feature.

As I know the route, there’s no problem, but sometimes could be useful to turn on the screen not just when you need to turn or take exits, also when kurviger announces it (for example at 2 km, 1 km, 500 meters as you can select). When there are a lot of lanes, sometimes you need some time to see which one you need to take.

When route is missed (I tried many times), kurviger screen is on (good for me), and when you return to route again, screen turns off again. I was on a parallel route and GPS position is nearly the same, so kurviger assume that you are on route again. Maybe in that situation, screen coud be turned on more time.

Just 2 ideas, not demands. As I use the phone charging, I usually don’t have power problems, but I’ve found this feature very interesting.

Best regards.


Thanks for the testing!

This could be done. However users can select the distances of voice guidance.
I started with a simple implementation and see which workflow is more needed.

(also avoiding to load the app with many options)

What timeout have you selected?

When return on route, the screen turns black again after the selected timeout.

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I’ve see that respects the selected timeout. I’ve selected 5 seconds. I assumed that this timeout is used after a turn, but maybe is just used when screen is turned on after user touched and returned to route?

This seems quite small, if you want the screen to stay on for a while.

The timeout is used when touching the screen or returning on route.

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So we just need to increase it. The behaviour after turnings will be the same than now. Perfect!

Currently the screen saver is available in navigation (Pro) in app version 2.1.2 (beta). It would be helpfull too in follow mode (Free and Pro). Then burn-in at the screen would be reduced when using follow mode for hours.

Then screen saver should be available at application (Free and Pro) instead of navigation (Pro).

In navigation mode same functionality as currently used (copied from Kurviger 2.1.2 (Beta) announcement):

Screen turns on before the turns
Screen turns black after the turns
Screen stays on when being off route
Screen turns on (with timeout) when touching the screen

In follow mode the functionality of screen saver could be:

Screen turns on (with timeout) when touching the screen

Only an idea. Perhaps worth thinking about.


Thanks for the suggestion.

In follow mode it seems simpler to let the screen turn off via Android display settings.

Navigation has automatic screen on / off actions, not allowed by Android permissions,
so it requires a screen saver.

(in any case it is planned as a Pro feature)

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Let’s provide it, could also be useful when “Follow after arrival” is enabled in navigation.

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What do other users think about this?

Turn on the screen before turns or with each voice instruction?

Sounds more useful, but I couldn’t test this feature yet.

It is available in Kurviger 2.1.2 (Beta).

I do not know if this is possible. I have set the voice instructions for 2km before the turn. Would it be possible to get the screen displayed from this announcement until the turn?
P.S.have not tested the screen saver yet.

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No, the idea is to turn on the screen on each voice instruction,
then screen turns black (after timeout) until next voice instruction.

The screen will always turns on before turns (like now).

I do not know if it is possible or more useful.
We are just discussing the possibilities…

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