App: Bookmark labels on map

When I travel I prepare some bookmarks for interesting places for me (castle, park, nice place for camping, …) and I like the possibility to see the name of the bookmark (Tamar Castle, Mud Volcano, Gergeti junction, …)
It could be at Settings > Map > Bookmarks (Show bookmarks name on map)
The size of text can be the same map size and color text the same color of bookmark.

Thanks !

Thanks for the idea, if tap a bookmark then an info bubble appears with its name.

You probably mean all of them permanently, like map POI labels already appear.

Tapping a bookmark on the web works fine but tapping on App while riding it’s not easy so it must be visible permanently but, perhaps, with the possibility of swicth on/off in the adjust preferences.

Is there any possibility to give a name to a waypoint in addition to the position? That would be great!

This will be implemented in the future, see the related discussion:

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