Feature request: Personal POIs

TL;DR - abstract

It would be nice to be able to store personal POIs (bonus: in a categorized manner, i.e. “Food”, “nice streets” etc) and have them displayed as an overlay in the map with context menu integration to add the clicked to the actual route.

Detailed description

I am using kurviger now for quite some time for planning routes on a day-by-day basis. Now I took on the task of planning a multi-day trip into the Alps. While doing research on which streets to visit and where to stay overnight, I stumbled upon the problem, that there is no feature enabling the user to store POIs for later use. It would be a huge improvement for personal planning to have the ability to turn on an overlay with POIs that each get a marker on the map when it’s turned on, thus enabling the user to right-click on such a marker and have it added as a new interim destination to the current route.

Currently I am administering my POIs on Google Maps, which actually provides such a feature. But I do love the Kurviger routing much more and thus I would love to have such a feature integrated… :slight_smile:

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Hi, maybe I misunderstand your request, but isn’t the “favorite” feature that the website already has pretty much what you’re looking for? You can add a favorite with the right-click menu like so:

and you can manage and show your favorites with the “Cloud” menu like so:


Well, at the moment I wonder how I was able to ignore that feature until now… /facepalm Yeah, you are absolutely right, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the eye opener!

Still, there’s a single thing I still miss: personal favorites are always shown on the map. So, for example I have a collection of nice roads as POIs and another collection of food stations. Both POIs are always displayed on the map - or is there still something I miss out on? Is it possible to only show selected favorites?

Hmmm I think that’s not possible yet, maybe it will come at a later point. Until then please also keep in mind that one software can probably never fulfill all needs. And if you want layering, clustering, sorting, renaming, re-coloring etc. of POI then Google MyMaps will likely always have the upper hand over Kurviger

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But when browsing you can’t see the name of the favorite unless you click on it and doing this on the fly is too dangerous.

If you keep your mouse over the POI you will see a popup showing the name?

Yes, there is a tooltip containing the name when hovering the mouse above a POI.

Well. since my feature request was granted way before I even posted it, I’ll change my initial request… :slight_smile: It would be nice if the personal POIs were displayed on the map a bit more prominent / bigger. Regardless of the map type used I am unable to spot my POIs with ease, since the icons are really small.

Also, personal POIs cannot be hidden on the map - the menu to select POI types to display does not include personal POIs to be switched on or off.

Oh yes, sorry. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I hadn’t seen the topic is about the WEBSITE, I just wanted to refer to the APP

Out of curiosity, which map style are you using? Some map styles use strong colors.

Right now it’s not really planned to make them more prominent / bigger. Maybe others have the same issue then we could see what is possible?

If you select a favorite/POI folder, these POIs are shown on the map, if you want to remove them, you can close the folder. Is this enough for you or would you need something else?