App: Alarm away from route

Dear developers,
I’m using this proggy only with acoustical guidance, totally relying on what the dear lady tells me. While Kurviger does quite a good job I do have problems with understanding, sometimes hearing the turn signals (due to a loud bike, ear plugs, cheap speakers etc.).

For people like me two things would be helpful: repeat the ‘route lost’ signal more often or constantly every 20 seconds, configurable maybe, and also give a clear signal when ‘back on route’ .

Regards, Hubert

And most users asked to disable the “Route missed” announcements, as they find them annoying. :slightly_smiling_face:

Was afraid of something like this :slight_smile: Most users probably have the Smart Phone in the dash board and can look where they are.

No, please DON’T do this. I often drive deviations to my planned route without having Internet access and a repeating voice "Route missed"would drive me crazy. The app is quite slim at the moment with a maximum of functionality. If the developers start to serve every wish someone might find comfortable like making the voice repeat scalable, at the end Kurviger becomes annoying for every novice.


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Especially when you have no option to re-route onroad and also have difficulties with hearing this one lapidary “Route Lost” comment, regardless why, then this option would be most helpful and could save you a lot of time finding back. And I wrote “make it configurable”, so just in case you could tick “don’t repeat” and you’re done.
BTW, there’s already a similar option for choosing how many repetitions or informations should be played.
Last, but not least in this context: there are many options for routing apps. Users choose the one that can be tweaked to their needs, not the one which uses the least space on their 64gb smartphone

To be more precise I think most of us are just annoyed at the helplessness of that moment, not so much at the voice instruction itself. It’s just… it’s so useless, what does the software want to tell me in this moment? I’m always there thinking like… “damn computer, either do something useful or shut up” :smiley:

Before Kurviger, I used OsmAnd with audio only guidance (smartphone in the pocket), so I have some experiance navigating solely by audio.

Without visual information, It is essential to get some feedback from time to time:

  • Is the app still alive?
  • Are you still on track?

As Patrick mentioned, the “route missed” message is meaningless, and doesn’t help very much. I don’t think, that repeating it will improve the situation very much.

So, what can be done to improve voice only guidance?

  • Repeat the turn instructions, to confirm that you are still on track.
    "I am alive" message
  • Say the “next instruction” soon (100m?) after a turn, mainly to confirm that you have taken the right way.
    Information about the distance to next turning point
  • Maybe: instead of “route missed” wait a littel longer, and then say something more useful. e.g. “your route is 500m away direction 9 o’clock



It’s not meaningless, its purpose was always to notify when get off route, like the warning symbol on screen.

“Alive” messages are different concept, which we can examine based on their usefulness and implementation.

Don’t get me worng. The route missed message is useful, but I don’t think it does help to repeat it.

@linux-user that’s understandable, just wanted to note that they are different concepts, so need to see how we can proceed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Linux-User, hi devemux
I see no substantial difference between repeating an off-route warning for a certain times and “alive” or “on-track” messages. Thanks for your input, btw. One’s a negative confirmation, the other one’s a positive confirmation.

To repeat my point and to make it also (hopefully) a bit clearer:

  • visual navigation is extremely dangerous, especially with smart phones! Don’t do it!
  • fiddling with smartphones while driving is forbidden and costly. Where’s the line between smartphone and nav-system, especially when it comes to damage suits?
  • powerful audio based capabilities therefore are important for bike usage

So, I would see a configurable message system as a strong added value for this program. Configurable messages can mean positive confirmations, negative confirmations/warnings, nice and clearly readable beeps, beep patterns maybe, things like that.

I think most of us here are on the same page regarding the content or the idea of the above. The detailing of course can vary and is a matter of what could be implemented based on the structure of your program.

I really don’t agree with that at all. For me visual navigation is in fact safer than acoustic one because it’s clearer and offers less chances for wrong interpretations (which means less stress while being navigated).

I also appreciate the fact that with visual navigation I’m able to identifiy the distance to the next instruction with a quick glance. This way I’m not forced to look at the display all the time because I know approximately when it’s time to do so.

For me navigation devices (regardless if standalone or smartphone) are a real improvement for saveness because using them is much more comfortable than fiddling with a paper map placed in a tank bag (especially if your eyes are getting worse), like I did years before.

Here I absolutely agree. This is the reason why it’s so important for me that my navigation system can be configured for my personal needs (e.g. display/map appearance and some navigation behaviours) so that I don’t have to operate any controls while driving (even in “difficult” situations like after missing a turn or being forced to take a detour). This is one of them reasons why I like the Kurviger app so much.

The only acoustic input I want while driving is my wife’s voice (she’s usually driving on her own bike behind me) over our (simple) intercom system (despite my exhaust, of course :upside_down_face:). I don’t want to have this “mixed up” with navigation instructions. Especially because we’re frequently informing each other before taking a turn (like “I’ll turn off after the third, red car”, “free and save for a long distance”, “beware, I’ll stop completey before I turn into this street just to be sure” or so). I really don’t want to be interrupted by my navigation app or even have communication issues because the system is switching audio sources.

I think we can conclude: it depends a lot on your personal preferences and circumstances. So the most valuable navigation system is a flexible one.


I think such things would be OK as long as it can be configured (like many other features strongly depending on personal preferences).

Basically, I agree. But my point was: The more stuff you can adjust inside an app, the less accessible it is for a novice. Look at the last ratings of Kurviger at Google Play. Most negative comments there are the result of not really going into the details of this app. They are complaining about things that are adjustable, but they didn’t take the time to really pay attention to the features. The more you make adjustable, the longer it needs to understand the basics of Kurviger. Means: The more versatile the app becomes by adding more and more features, the bigger the danger of getting downrated by people that do not really go into the details before rating.

So, my opinion: Keep it as simple as possible for the sake of the whole Kurviger project.
We all have demands and wishes, but not every personal demand is good for the whole project.

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Got your point, but I’m still sure that one of Kurviger’s strengths is that it’s very customizable. For beginners it should be fine if all default values of configuration settings have reasonable values.

But I also agree: settings shouldn’t be too exotic.


“Route verpasst” ist auch mein Problem!

Für mich ist wichtig, das ich mitbekomme, wenn ich eine Nachricht/Anruf bekomme. Deshalb sind die Helmlautsprecher am Smartphone angeschloßen.
Beim Routing kommt dann die Audiounterstützung vom Handy, Navi dient zur bildlischen Unterstützung.
Wenn ich die geplante Route verlasse oder verlassen muß, orientiere ich mich weiter mit dem Navi. Das berechnet mir eine Strecke zum nächsten, anzufahrenden Wegpunkt.
So etwas leistet Kurviger nicht, auch nicht mit einer Internetverbindung.

Route indicator direction arrow already exists and next version will provide also the distance. Can see image in relevant topic:

Das sollte eigentlich in der Standardeinstellung wunderbar funktionieren mit Kurviger. Falls nicht, wäre es schön, wenn du uns in einem neuen Beitrag ein paar mehr Infos und ein nachvollziehbares Beispiel schicken könntest, dann können wir das gern prüfen.

I consider that (from the link one post earlier) a lot of info on a relatively small ‘handy’ display, usually under a protective cover, mostly in direct sunlight, on other days with raindrops over the relevant points etc. (some don’t care too much about rainy days, obviously some don’t care too much about their smartphones, too).
So I consider this way a dead end. Next additional informations considered to be helpful and important and so to be shown/implented on-screen will be beyond the resolutional capabilities of the average user.