App: Alarm away from route

There are different needs per user, some use the app with display, others with sound and many in a car.

There isn’t any additional information. When be out of route, naturally cannot navigate with turn instructions without a rerouting, so the empty panels are used to show the route direction / distance.

Topic seems more for notify when go out or resume the route with some voice?

Yep, that was my intention. If by whatever reason I’m not able or not willing to be fixed to my ‘handy’ screen, especially in difficult and as such potentially lethal (sic!) situations, I have to rely to what messages I get from from the App and how clearly understandable these messages are.
My consideration in this topic was a configurable negative warning like ‘you’re lost’ or, in my language, ‘Route verpasst’. Others chimed in and opted for a positive ‘still alive and on-track’ confirmation, as an early pre-info about the next bend for instance (very nice idea btw.). Understandable in this regard for me also means 'tell it me more often than only once - ‘till I eventually heard it’.
Combine that with a clear ‘welcome back’ message and you have exactly what I suggested.

In another topic I suggested a configurable acoustical signal in another form, as it could be helpful to be allowed to choose your own signals for better attention, like beeps or voices in other pitches etc. (different topic).

I forgot to mention: of course I know about the enervating annoyance of an unstoppable “Bitte wenden!” instruction :wink:


I can add (as option) a repeating alarm with adjustable interval triggered when get out of route.
For convenience it can work with Android’s integrated tones.

When get back on route, alarm stops its repeating sound, so know that everything is ok again.
Following the usual warning theory: no alarm -> no problem.

Ich nutze die visuelle Darstellung (Smartphone steckt auf dem Lenker) als auch die akustische via Bluetooth in den Helm. Den Hinweis “Route verpasst” finde ich sehr hilfreich. Das ist natürlich ärgerlich, falls das versehentlich passiert und man eine Gruppe anführt. Aber ich weiß Bescheid und kann entweder weiter fahren und selber einen Weg zur Route zurück finden, umdrehen, oder eine Neuberechnung starten. Eine Wiederholung der Ansage bzw eines Warntons wünsche ich nicht. Wenn die Einstellung der Wiederholfrequenz auf Null gestellt ist, möchte ich einmalig die Ansage “Route verpasst” hören und dann entscheiden, ob ich handeln möchte (Neuberechnung) oder nicht. Das fand ich bisher gut und würde es auch weiterhin gut finden. Das man einen Warnton zusätzlich regelmäßig hören könnte, sollte man einstellen können, so wie es ja jetzt in 1.10.1 auch ist.

I use the visual representation (smartphone is on the handlebars) as well as the acoustic via Bluetooth in the helmet. The hint “route missed” I find very helpful. This is of course annoying, if that happens accidentally and you lead a group. But I know and can either go on and find a way back to the route, turn around, or start a recalculation. I do not wish a repetition of the announcement or a warning tone. ** If the refresh rate setting is set to zero, I would like to hear once the announcement “route missed” ** and then decide whether I want to respond (recalculation) or not. I thought that was good so far and would still like it. That you could hear a warning sound additionally regularly, you should be able to adjust, as it is now in 1.10.1 also.

[ich bekomme die fette Schrift nicht weg :frowning: ]

We had already far too many complaints for the route missed message.
Could be because their GPS is jumping (though we have active inertia).
There has to be a way to disable all these messages / tones completely.

Current workflow allows an optional repeated tone from completely off up to 60" (where message is announced once). Or we could set it at a larger timer, e.g. 2 min?

I’ll see if can add separate options to cover all needs:

  • Off route warning (spoken once)
  • Off route repeated tone
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Implemented in Kurviger 1.10.3.