"I am alive" message

as I am still fighting with occasional closing of the app (probably not the fault of Kurviger, but of Huawei closing background apps to aggressively) I would be happy to get some audio information (e.g. a short beep) every n Seconds - preferable configurable) As I do use most often the voice-only background mode, in case of no close turns, the 5km announcement is too less. It happened to me more than once that the last message was “floow the way for 5km” and I went strait and - as I do not remember KM counters - after some time started to question myself if kurviger was still alive. In the cases where Kurviger was closed, I waited for too long in these cases. If I would get a short beep (“I am alive” :wink: ) in case no other announcements are done, I would be able to detect these situations much earlier.

But maybe I am the only one who is fighting with Huawei mobiles here :wink:


Hi Michael.
Have you set the “repeat voice messages” option (Wiederhole Sprachansagen) to “often”?
(Settings -> Navigation -> repeat voice messages)


Note: the repeat of “Continue” voice instructions for longer periods without a turn, is approximately per 5km in “Often” and 10km in “Normal” options.

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