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Thanks for the interesting ideas!

As general note: url was never the best way to describe or transfer data.
Kurviger (json) format is more suitable and without limits for such cases.

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Absolutely. But I think the URL format is used (and necessary) for handling routes on the Kurviger website, right? Or would there be also a possibility to use JSON?

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In theory we could encode the whole content of the .kurviger json file in the url. There are existing standards to encode information in urls for example here or here.

Unfortunately, browsers do limit us here quite a bit with the url length. Different browsers support different url lengths. Generally it’s recommended to stay below 2.000 characters. Current browsers support over 30.000 characters. Which might sound like a lot, but the .kurviger for a medium sized route would probably not fit. Longer routes will definitely not fit.

Transfering only waypoints and some routing parameters should fit however.

That’s the point which I thought could make trouble. :smile:

That’s the point which may be solved by using a pragmatic format with a small footprint like in my suggestion. I think you always have to accept trade offs concerning certain aspects. But it would nevertheless improve flexibility.

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Namen für Wegpunkte ändern kommt diese Option auch für den Web Routenplaner.

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Did I miss something? I am also unsuccessfully searching for an option to change the waypoint names in the web version. Does it work?

This feature is not yet implemented for the website.

ok thanks, “not yet” sounds good.

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Hallo nochmal,
will nochmal nachfragen zu Wegpunktnamen im Kurviger Planer ändern.

Wenn ich eine Route im Kurviger Planer erstelle möchte ich bei einem Stop
bei einem Hotel, Gasthof, …, einen Wegpunkt setzen und dem einen Namen geben.

In der App benoetige ich das nicht.


@iMac hier geht es um die Beta App 1.13.9

Zum Ändern eines Namens:

  • lange auf den Wegpunkt drücken
  • bearbeiten auswählen


  • kurz auf den Wegpunkt drücken, dann erscheint eine gelbe “Blase”
  • dann lange auf die “Blase” drücken.
  • bearbeiten auswählen

In der Webseite gibt es das noch nicht.
Fragen dazu bitte hier: Website: Waypoint names

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It’s now possible to assign names to waypoints in the website.

You can do this either in the waypoint list or in the waypoint popup:

Screenshot from 2020-07-03 10-12-57
Screenshot from 2020-07-03 10-13-49

Currently, exporting waypoint names is not available (except .kurviger / url / qr-code).


Vielen Dank,Vielen Dank,Vielen Dank,Vielen Dank,Vielen Dank…

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Thanks for implementing the new features also in website! :+1:

If you want to use the given names in a GPX, as an interim solution you can use the konverter with the combination of exported GPX and exported .kurviger file as described in the last paragraph of

Regards Markus


Vielen Dank für den Einbau der neuen Funktionen auch in die Website! :+1:

Wenn Ihr die vergebenen Namen in einem GPX verwenden wollt, könnt Ihr als Zwischenlösung den Konverter mit der Kombination aus exportiertem GPX und exportierter .kurviger-Datei verwenden, wie im letzten Absatz von beschrieben.

Ciao Markus


I did some tries with the waypoint names on the website, there is a behaviour which might be a bug, I do following:

  • clear route and overlay
  • enter “sellajoch” in start field and select hit “mountain_pass”
  • enter “passo rolle” in destination field and select hit “mountain_pass”
  • add further destination
  • enter “passo duran” in destination field and select hit “mountain_pass”
  • result:

Now clicking on the markers does not show the name:

Nevertheless the names are shown in the list on the left:

And using the pulldown menu on the left does not offer “set name” - just disabled “reset name”:

If I chose “rename” and click on option “Set name” in “rename”, then the right name is given:

So my proposal is: If a point is added via the search function the name of the added point should be set automatically to the name of the search result.
From my point of view this should be also done when adding a point via context menu of mountain pass icon image on the map.

As far as I have seen, in the app this is already done for search results:

There seems to be no context menu function for mountain passes in the app.



You need to explicitly set the name.
Note the difference between “Waypoint-Interaction” and “Search result”

yes, I know, and I wrote it:

But to say it clear: I think, the solution of the app is much better: Entering a point using the search result automatically sets the waypoint name.
I have some doubts if anybody wants to have the coordinates as name - but if you want to have the useful names, you save a lot of clicks.
Regards Markus

Well I usually set my own names anyway, so not much extra clicking for me.
E.g. I would search for Regensburg, and than rename it into “Markus”.
And I would be upset if the program would then enter “Markusplatz, Venedig” :wink:

The app is a bit different, as it has a dedicated search field that is not mixed with the waypoint list.