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boldtrn: Wie meinst du das? Wo sollte das sichtbar sein?

Wenn ich in der Webseite zmb. den Wegpunkt “5” in “Hotel” umbenenne und die Route in die Kurviger App
übertrage und nachfahre, sollte wenn ich an Wegpunkt “5” komme dort dann “Hotel” erscheinen.
Sonst müsste ich mir ja jedesmal den Hinweis Wegpunkt “5” ist “Hotel” extra notieren.


Es “erscheint” nicht - aber du bekommst den akkustischen Hinweis “in 300 m Hotel”, wenn es kein Formpunkt ist und “Wegpunkte in Anweisungen” eingeschaltet ist.

It does not “appear” - but you get the acoustic hint “in 300 m Hotel” if it is not a shaping point and “Waypoints in instructions” is switched on.


That’s not how you include POIs in your route. Left click on the POI and then in the popup click on route planner and select the option you like :slight_smile:.

If possible, I like to avoid any pop-ups :slight_smile:.

Actually I don’t have a statistic for this. But at least the way I plan, I move them around. And I personally don’t care about the address too much, if I want to name a point, I set a name. But this might be different for others, so I think it’s good to discuss about this.

This is how it works right now, isn’t it? That’s why we differ between address and name, to overwrite the address by default.

:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

thanks for the hint - that works fine, and the name of the waypoint is set automatically :+1: . I think I should have found out that myself without help :blush:

I think there is a small difference: After using the search the name is not set automatically - my description was not precise: The idea was the same as the previous proposal, but without confirmation:

  • when entering a waypoint via search, set the search result name as waypoint name
  • when moving that waypoint unset the name
  • To avoid unsetting the name the user has to use the “set name” explicitely before moving

I had a look at the kurviger files exported from website: There seems to be a field “address” for each waypoint added via search, which contains the search result in any case (if I explicitely set a name or not) - so if no entry “name” is available, I can use the entry “address” to get a name different from “waypoint 2” - problem solved :smiley:.

But perhaps in the future (if exporting GPX with waypoint types and names for use with Garmin devices) this discussion might be useful. Perhaps then you have more statistics about the user behaviour (how many users add the serach result to the route and set the name explicitely afterwards ?).
And I think, the information shown after click on marker
is more useful than
but this might be also achieved by displaying the available address instead of “Ziel” …

Thanks for your feedbacks and your time!



I created a follow-up topic for this: Website: Waypoint names

Yes for now we can certainly show the address as well :slight_smile:.