Website: Dark theme

I’d like to see a dark theme for the website.
Which includes a dark theme for the OpenStreetMap tiles

We had that in the past, but it was removed as it was almost unused. While it looks really cool, I am not sure it is really a helpful map style? As you can’t really distinguish roads, or cities, etc.

If there would be enough interest, it would be possible to either add a dark-matter style or something like Kurviger Liberty dark.

A general purpose dark theme would be nice as well :+1:

What advantage should that have. It makes no sense to me. Can anybody give a short explanation?

please explain me, why do you prefer a dark theme. I don’t understand that…

Hi Viola, please avoid double-posting, you can easily edit your previous post with the “pencil” symbol below it. You can also tag users later and they will still be notified :slight_smile:

To answer your question: lots of users on the internet prefer dark styles for websites, or at least a possibility to switch the theme, maybe even depending on your operating system’s settings (for example Windows has a “dark mode” switch these days, which darkens the UI, and propagates that wish to all the apps)

Dark themes are easier on your eyes, reduce fatigue, and can be easier to read quickly. Also, many users try to avoid flickering issues when switching between content, which is also softened by dark themes. It’s a big movement, and lots of websites (this very forum included :slight_smile: ) are making this possible

Now let me quickly add my own opinion: I don’t necessarily need darkened maps, but I would love :heart_eyes: if the website UI could get a dark mode Robin, the about pages, the panel on the left site, the login, the purchase page etc. Vote added!


@Joram are they 2 different suggestions?
(they should be in different topics)

  • A dark theme for website’s user interface.
    It would be nice, like the forum’s dark theme.

  • A dark map style in website maps.

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Not necessarily. The map makes up a big part of the website, about 80% to be exact.
Just making the sidebar dark would not achieve much.

My suggestion was for Not the forums, although the forums having a dark theme would be nice as well.

The links I posted were merely a proof of concept. I agree that these styles don’t provide enough contrast. But a theme can be tweaked. Surely there are better alternatives to use as a baseline?

Google Maps has a dark theme now, and it looks great :slight_smile:

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