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There is another one way restriction from Rönkhausen to Wildewiese which has been put in place quite recently. Thanks!

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I use in both ways web app and pro app on android. Considering specific temporary restrictions is a really a great feature for which I’ve been waiting for!

However, I plan my trips usually not at the time of riding but sometimes earlier. Considering the time of the day for the routing would thus not help. How about an additional option in the pop-up menu when clicking right on the traffic sign at the start of the restriction. The option could be called like “avoid restriction” (like “avoid ferries” or so). That would allow the user to decide per restriction whether it should be ignored or not. Thanks!


Dies ist keine Einschränkung der Richtung sondern ein Verbot für Motorräder an Wochenenden und Feiertagen. Es sei den “one way” ist eine unglückliche Übersetzung? :thinking:
This is not a restriction of direction but a ban on motorcycles on weekends and holidays. Let the “one way” is an unfortunate translation?

It is also shown on the website, isn’t it?

Sure, it is correctly displayed on the map. It is just a further case besides the two mentioned above.

Ah, now I understand the context, thanks for sharing the example.

However, this road is not tagged as a oneway conditional though :slight_smile:. It’s currently tagged as a regular two way conditional restriction.

Hi all,

I just would like to share an observation I just made regarding two consescutive conditional restrictions on the same route. Please refer to

The first link refers to a conditional access restriction on B 54 on the 1st Sunday in May, which is fine. If you follow the second link, then only the conditional restriction on L 3321 is shown, which refers to a temporary road closure due to construction work. This is also fine.
However, the third link combines both routes, and you will only see the conditional access restriction on L 3321 in the info box, which in this case is misleading. See screenshot below.

This might be a rare case, but would it be possible to show an info box for both access restrictions seperately?

Thanks, regards

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Thanks for analyzing and finding this. Unfortunately it’s technically not possible do this right now. I haven’t seen many cases like this. If there are more cases like this, we should look into possible options on solving this.