Website: Colorer des segments du parcours entre des points de passage

Est il possible de changer la couleur du parcours entre des points de passage .Car actuellement, il n’y a qu’une seul couleur.
Suivant la sinuosité sa serais super.

In the Kurviger App you can define the colors per routing option. During planning these are displayed, but while navigating it is then uniformly blue:

In route elements are color coded according to the nature of the routes - see here

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You can change the colours here:->Settings/Routing/Colors.
Vous pouvez modifier les couleurs ici :->Paramètres/Routage/Couleurs.

Vielleicht ist aber auch das gemeint?:
But maybe that is what is meant?:

Zwei Routenfarben/Two route colors (Navigation)

(Darauf wurde ich schon von Kurvigerbenutzern in meinem Bekanntenkreis angesprochen)
(I’ve already been asked about this by Kurviger users in my circle of acquaintances)

Right now, colors are used to show the route information along the route.

What could be done would be one more option in the elevation diagram to also show the route settings?

Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 09.36.07

Would this work for you? What do others think about this?

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Absolutely loving that idea

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I personally am satisfied with the current situation, do not need more bells and whistles.

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Colors for different route segments has been added. You can use this through the elevation diagram. Let me know if everything works as expected or if there are any issues with this.

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Only in Tourer or is it also available in the Standard version?

Only available as Kurviger Tourer, as you can’t change the routing profiles per segment as non tourer :slight_smile: