Voice guidance after instruction points

Hi together, I’m using Kurviger Pro app since last year exclusively in an audio only mode. This means I only hear the instructions and have no visible feedback because the smartphone is always in my jacket. Now after a turning event it lasts a while before I get the next instruction or information to follow the route, for example the 5 kilometers information. I wonder if it would be possible to offer a feature to tell the driver right now after a turning event the distance to the next event , for example “Follow the route for 3.8 kilometers”?
Greetings, Jörg

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Hm good point, I think Google maps actually does that.

Not sure if the option “repeat voice instructions” (under settings - > voice output) would help you, don’t know if it will also fire instructions earlier, not only more often

The repeat voice instructions setting is already set to frequent. But the next instruction or information is to hear only in internally defined distances to the next turning point (300m, 1km, 2km, 5km, …). And if the next turning point comes in 9 kilometers I drive 4 kilometers without to hear anything and hoping that I am on the right track.

Thanks for the suggestion, we can think how it could work. :slightly_smiling_face:

The option “Settings | Voice guidance | Repeat voice instructions” is for announcements of “Continue fox X km” in long segments without a turn and is approximately per 5 km in “Often” and 10 km in “Normal”.

Next version will provide voice guidance after instruction points, as part of the voice instructions frequency options:

Implemented in Kurviger 1.10.3.