All curvy routes voice guidance

There is a little issue with voice guidance in case of rerouting in combination with
Voice guidance after instruction points
When a rerouting is triggerd, the first instruction is played twice.


  • Kalmanfilter on
  • Voice instructions frequency: “After instruction points”, “1Km”, “300m”
  • routing | options | all curvy routes

In some situations it is even worse.
At first a wrong instruction is played, and then the right one.

I think, the situation was something like this: - All curvy routes

  • I was on the “A9” (=Motorway) when rerouting was triggered
  • The “selected” route was “extra curvy
  • But the first played voice instruction (after rerouting) seems to belong to the “fast and curvy” variant on the “A9”

Does this make sense?



Thanks for the detailed report and the route example!

Where exactly the rerouting happened?
Is the new calculated route available?
Are you sure that the “After instruction points” option triggers that, if have it off are instructions correct?

Where exactly was that?
What was the wrong instruction and what the correct one?

Where exactly?

No, only the active route (blue in image) participates in navigation.

(moved the report in separate topic for further examination)

Τhere could be an improvement in voice guidance at navigation start, can be included in next version.

Now I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with voice guidance "After instruction points”.
I’ve done a test with this route
Voice instructions frequency: “After instruction points”, “1Km”, “300m”

After rerouting (right picture) I got the following voice instructions:

  • in 110m turn left
    then in 110m turn left.
  • in 110m turn right
    then in 130m turn right.

And now watch my third picture! :astonished:

There we have the “in 110m turn left”

To me this looks that the issue is related to “Routing | Options | All curvy routes” in some way.
I can confirm, that with “Routing | Options | All curvy routes extra curvy” the issue is gone.


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Thanks again for the very detailed report!
(it makes my life much easier to check it)

I changed topic’s title to avoid confusion.

That cannot be, as alternative routes don’t participate in navigation.
They’re isolated, navigation knows only the active route at anytime.

Unless tap an alternative route and make it active while navigating.

Did you still hear two similar consecutive instructions?
(that is to be improved)

I think may understand what happened…

In your 1st image, out of the 3 available “All curvy routes” had selected to navigate probably on some other than the first “Fast and curvy route”?

Then could be a timing issue, where after rerouting the instruction came immediately from the first of the 3 new routes and soon after the curvy or extra curvy was properly activated with the correct instruction.

Does that make sense?
If that is the case, I can improve the workflow.

Than we have a more serious problem than I’ve thought. :nerd_face:
I can reproduce the above situation (I’ve just repeated it to be sure):

Routing | option | extra curvy:

  • in 110m turn right
    then in 130m slightly turn right.

Routing | option | All curvy routes

  • in 110m turn left
    then in 110m turn left.
  • in 110m turn right
    then in 130m slightly turn right.

Nothing else has changed


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No, it’s a quite trivial corner case involving some timings that can be resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems like the scenario I described just above, a race condition that needs fine tuning.

This makes sense.

Onother test with this “curvy route”
This would be the “fast and curvy” variant at point rerouting is triggered (the grey one in the screenshots).

“curvy” is selected:

Now the rerouting:

Voice instructions:

  1. in 110m turn left
    then in 110m turn right
  2. in 110m turn sharp right
    then in 130m turn slightly right.

The first voice instruction does correspond to “fast and curvy”
The second does correspond to “curvy”


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Exactly and I can reproduce it also in my Navigation simulator, so should be solved easily.

Thanks for the interesting finding and the many details helping to understand the case! :slightly_smiling_face:

Should work correctly in Kurviger 1.11.1 (Beta).

@linux-user can you verify that?

I would say from a short test that it works, and there is no wrong or double voice guidance anymore.

At start of navigation, and immediately after a rerouting there is no voice instruction anymore.
I am not sure if I like this behavior. :thinking:
If you miss the route, you hear “recalculating” - and than silence until you reach the next turn instruction.

What do others think?

There was a change of plans, as that leaded often to confusing voice behavior.
Or can be optional in “Settings | Voice guidance | Voice instructions frequency”.

Hmm, probably yes, if it doesn’t add too much complexity.
Btw, I can’t imagine that anyone would need a distance of 4km.

Note: the topic’s issue was solved in a way regardless if there is start instruction or not.

Provide start instruction as option is an afterthought that could be useful to some users.

Valid opinion, please let’s discuss voice instructions frequency options in separate topic.

Should work correctly now with Kurviger 1.11.2 (Beta).

Solved in Kurviger 1.11.5.