Turn by turn Roadbook

I have a .gpx route for a Classic Car tour. I wish to create a ’ Turn by Turn ’ Roadbook to give as a paper copy to each crew. It would include Total distances, road numbers [ in France ] and simple tulips. Is this possible ?

Perhaps you should have a look here:

Creating a Roadbook using Kurviger

It’s quite easy …
Take this Route (for you in France :wink:): https://kurv.gr/9PBst

The result:

The same after imported into excel:

And with few adjustments you can create a fancy roadbock:

As I said - quite easy!

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Thank you for your very helpful reply. I think that I can now get the Road Book in Excel – excellent

To complement the Website, I was planning to use the Kurviger Android App on the road, but I see that it is ‘ discontinued ‘. Can you please advise me on a suitable alternative to run the Kuvviger .gpx file.

I am a regular user of OsmAnd Plus - would that do the Job.

I would like to create a circular ’ Return Trip ’ in Kurviger on my Android phone. Is that possible ?

John Broughall UK

We are about to launch a new app, so you can use the new Kurviger App, once it is available: [App] Roadmap for the New Kurviger App | Fahrplan für die neue Kurviger App

If you export your kurviger route as .gpx file - yes!
In order to get a route that is as identical as possible, enough waypoints should be set - due to the different algorithms of OsmAnd and Kurviger.

For this you could open kurviger.de in your android webbrowser (getting the mobile version), create a round trip and export it as a .gpx file.

thank you - look forward to the new Kurviger App.


For the ’ Round Trip ’ function, there are only a few Waypoints displayed. If the .GPX file is transferred to other voice guidance Navigation app for the route, the suggested route may not be followed.

Is it necessary to manually insert waypoints every couple of Kilometers to maintain the correct route ?

Is there an option to Interpolate waypoints to create a larger, more reliable .GPS route / track file ?

John B - UK

Either you add some waypoints manually, or you can add them automatically in the export dialog.



Not necessarily manually, you can insert additional waypoints during export:

This way you force a routing algorithm on your route.

You can add even more waypoints with gpxshaping.de:

A bit complex - but with very good help information.

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That gives me a lot to think about. I shall find a quiet corner and work through it.