Tourer oder tourer +

Hallo zusammen, bin etwas ratlos wg meinem
Account, bin als Tourer registriert, Button hat gelbe Farbe, bei Early Bird Sale ist der Tourer+
Button gelb hinterlegt. Was ist richtig?
Liebe Grüße

Der Tourer kostet jetzt 14,99 €/Jahr
Tourer + ist die neue Modalität, in der Tourer und der Browser zum Preis von 19,99 €/Jahr enthalten sind

Tourer+ ist für die Navigation mit der App.

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I am having problems using the app since yesterday. There is no problem when I creating a road, but when I click the Start Navigation button, the app is asking me to click to Upgrade now or Start Follow Mode. If I click Upgrade now, the app is directing me to subscribe to new plans, but I have already had one and do not need the other. If I click Start Follow Mode, the map opens but the app does not navigate me over the created road. Simply put, I cannot navigate using App. How can I fix the said problem?


that’s right, since the introduction of the new app version 3.1.0 you need to have the Tourer+ subscription to navigate in the app.

I currently I have Tourer pan. Based on your information, the Tourer plan will no longer work? Therefore I need to subscribe to Touter +? The app doesn’t recognize that I’m subscribed to the Tourer plan, but on the Kurviger homepage when I log in under my profile, it says that I have a subscription to the Tourer plan. I don’t understand why it is like I said.

I have moved your query to this post as it is a frequently asked question.

As mentioned a new subscription system has been introduced, where:

Tourer = to plan tours
Tourer+ = to navigate the planned tour

Read also this information:

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Thanks for the explanation. I just changed the subscription from Tourer to Tourer+ on my account. When I opened the App there is no information that I do not have the new subscription. The App ask me to subscribe again to the Tourer+. The question is when I change or update something on Kurviger website the information does not automatically apply to App?

It could be possible that the app still has a small bug and does not show the correct abo but if you can start navigation, everything is alright.

I have just checked. Unfortunately the navigation using App is not currently working. When I click start navigation nothing happen. The App asks me to subscribe to the Tourer+. Maybe I have to uninstall the App and install it again.

This may happen, when you are not logged in at the app with your Kurviger-account or you don’t have a subscription or you have the “Tourer” subscription.

Screenshot: Dialog “Upgrade now” or “Start Follow Mode”
@boldtrn: Perhaps there should be a button to select “log in” when not logged in.

Screenshot: Not yet logged in

Are you really logged in in the app?

Screenshot: Logged in

When you tap on the Icon marked “1” then when logged in you should see the name of your Kurviger account (marked “2a”) and your subscription (marked “2b”). For navigation the subscription must be “Tourer+”.


Thanks yes, we can have a look at that :+1:

I’m logged into the app. I verified my account as you mentioned in the app. I realized that I don’t have any subscription in my App account but I have a Tourer+ subscription on the website, see screenshot,

and I already paid for it. I understand that the website and App accounts must be mutually connected, meaning that if I change something on the website, it should appear in the App. If I subscribe to Tourer+, will I be charged again?

I mean, if I subscribe to Tourer+ on App, will I be charged again?

you only need one Tourer + subscription. It is for the web as well for the app.

I cannot reactivate the Tourer subscription that I canceled by my mistake or I cannot change subscription to Tourer+ also. Before everything was great, I was really happy with how the App works. I don’t understand why I cannot subscribe to any Kurviger plans.

Is it possible that you have multiple accounts? Your screenshot shows Tourer+, I tried to check your account, but that account has a cancelled Tourer subscription. Please make sure that you only use one account.

Does this resolve your issue?


Sorry for late reply. I still have problems with Kurviger App. When logging into, my account shows that my status is inactive, but the App shows that the Tourer+ subscription is active. Why is there a difference? I made a payment to get a Tourer+ subscription some time ago. Most importantly, when I use the App to create a route and press the Navigate button, the App itself starts navigating the route. How can I solve this problem so that I can use the App properly? Do I need subscribe again on account, before that I need to uninstall the App? When I get Tourer+ subscriptions, will I need to install the app again? Thank you for your support in advance.

Hi Sandis, no, one subscription is valid per your account, no matter on which device and also across installations.
You can use your subscription on your phone or on the website. Can you please check the question from above, to make sure that you are using the exact same login on all devices you want to use?