Support for Carpe Iter Remote

As for the "Carpe Iter Controller, the zoom now works quite well. In the navigation view, when zooming, the focus goes away from the driving cursor and “Re-center” appears. If I then press “zoom out” a little longer, the map is centered again. If I press a little too long, the navigation ends and I end up in the planning view.

Is that the way it is supposed to be? OK, I’m fine like this, but it would be best to put the “Recenter” function on the center click on the small joystick, which is without function so far.

Was den "Carpe Iter Controller betrifft, funktioniert jetzt der Zoom ganz gut. In der Navigationsansicht geht beim zoomen der Fokus vom Fahrcurser weg und es erscheint “Neu zentrieren”. Wenn ich dann etwas länger auf “rauszoomen” drücke, wird die Karte wieder zentriert. Wenn ich etwas zu lange drücke, wird die Navigation beendet und ich lande in der Planungsansicht.

Ist das so gewollt? OK, ich komme so klar, aber am besten wäre, die Funktion “Neu zentrieren” auf den Mittelklick auf dem kleinen Joystick zu legen, der ist bisher ohne Funktion.

Just to make sure, have you tried switching on/off the setting for “Automatic Profile Mode” in the Carpe Iter App . I don’t have a Carpe Iter Remote, but a friend of mine has one and tested it and it worked better without the automatic profile mode.

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Thank you for the answer, I use the “Kurviger Pro” setting in the Carpe Iter controller, in automatic mode, the zoom buttons are not working at all.
On my Galaxy Actve Tab, the zoom is very slow, also the sliding on the map, but anyway, it works!
sc Jens

Carpe iter works but only Joystick.
I did some research and it would work well without carpe iter driver with following key codes:

  • Directions: Move map
  • Press center (KEYCODE_ENTER): Center on user location

Button A:

  • Press (KEYCODE_A): Zoom in
  • Long press (KEYCODE_B): Navigation pause / resume

Button B:

  • Press (KEYCODE_ESCAPE): Zoom out
  • Long press (KEYCODE_C): Add bookmark
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I am not sure what Carpe Iter is doing with these settings, we tried to work with the default settings so far.

Thanks for looking into this. The Joystick should work already for zooming and recenter.

We could add key bindings for A, B, C.

Unfortunately, we can’t do that, escape is a protected character and is usually used like the Android Back Button.

No, in Kurviger Pro mode, the joystick only works for sliding, smooth on my Oneplus 8T and worse on my Galaxy Active Tab

Have you tried disabling this? I am not sure what the Kurviger Pro mode is?

In the Carpe Iter App, if I disable the “Automatic Mode” , I have to select an “App Profile” as you see in the picture. If not mentioned, all my posts refer to this mode.

It’s just the key which is send from device. You can map it to your zoom out.

@honk: unfortunately no one from carpe iter answered on my request about the key bindings. So I checked, what key the device is sending without any setting of carpe iter keyboard driver.


Thanks, as I use the CI also with Osmand, I cant uninstall the CI-Driver App, we will see!

Most probably, there is a setting which just pass-trough the keys and carpe iter yust name it Kurviger v3 :slight_smile:

sry, I dont think so, cant find it!

In theory this might work, I am pretty sure, this will create serious issues down the road with different manufacturers, Android versions, etc.

A friend of mine tested this and he was able to get this done with the driver app installed. He mentioned that he just disabled the automatic mode.

Isn’t there the option to not select a profile at all?

No, as I see, there is no possibility, see the radio buttons in the screen in this thread, but anyway, I am quite fine with this now!


Love kurviger :heart::heart:

I recently bought a remote control for my handle bars. This has zoom in / out buttons. Also a joystick for panning and an “enter” / confirm button.

I don’t know about the latter, but the zooming buttons produce Android standard zooming events. Google Maps works with this remote, as well as DriveModeDashboard.

I like DMD for offroad, and I love Google Maps for A to B and traffic info, but I mostly drive on Kurviger for nice onroad routes.

I’d love for Kurviger (Android) to respond to these events by zooming in / out!

The specific remote I got is a Carpe Iter Adventure Control, but there are others on the market that also produce the same events.


this is already supported.