Subfolders inside collections

Hello there,
I have been using the website for a while (pity not in IOS) but new to the forum. I have quite a few routes in different collections, but to have it more organized I would like to be able to create subfolders inside the collections, Im afrid this is not implemented, is this so?, will it be possible in the future to have the routes more organized?.
Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Bichu,

sure you can create subfolders in the cloud and save the desired routes there:

here the content of folder ‘zu Hause’

Or did I missunderstood your request?


Thank you hellsguenni,
Yes, I mean inside the first folder, to create different subfolders and then inside the subfolders the routes. For what I have seen there is only 1 “layer” of folders to organize routes and if you have many they become “messy”

Hi Bichu,

another variant is to create a folder structure on your own cloud drive. I use Google Drive and there you can create multiple subfolders if you prefer:

Only disadvantage - you have to use two additional apps on your Android mobile:

  1. file explorer of your choice
  2. drive sync (to synchronise the folder in the cloud with the folder on your mobile)
  3. setup the pairing folders in Google Drive and on your mobile in drive sync and pay 2 Euros to get rid of the disturbing advertisement

You have then all your routes stored on your mobile and an internet connection is only necessary during synchronisation. I prefer to import the routes from an external folder, the cloud structure in kurviger web app works fine, but I got used to folder structures in Windows. I also created links for the navigation folder and kurviger directly on my start screen of my mobile:


@hellsguenni very organized work! :+1:

Similar to:

@zaphod_42 the straight line route profile was implemented! :slightly_smiling_face:


I know and use it! :+1::wink:


Thanks helsguenni for discription, additional there is a Video how to:
(57) Kurviger Erklärt - Routenübertragung von der Webseite an die Kurviger App - YouTube
(57) Kurviger Explained - Transferring Routes from the Website to the Kurviger App - YouTube


Very nice solution, thats what I would like to do in the kurviger´s cloud because I use only the web version (no apple version :frowning:
I use dropbox too to export to the phone but would like to keep my routes organized in kurvi´s web version when planing to compare routes, plan longer old routes, etc…

May be will be be implemented in the future; and thanks a lot for the answers!