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Save the last configuration when switching navigation mode on/off

While riding along my tour I quite often switch between active navigation mode (I prefer the tilted map for that) and the normal map view (with navigation mode off). Because sometimes I want to have an overview where I am at the moment or to choose an appropriate way to bybass a closed section.

In the non-navigation map view I prefer a certain configuration: follow location, map orientation by GPS and (the most important thing) a zoom level showing much more area than in navigation mode. I’m quite sure that there’re other people who prefer different setting, because everyone has his individual preferences.

Therefore it would be great if my configuration settings would automatically be saved and restored every time I switch between navgation mode and normal map mode. Would improve “workflow” on the road a lot.

Have fun and ride safe!

Hi Mario,

have you tested the latest Kurviger version already?

The follow mode has been improved and uses orientation GPS by default.
Also the app received an option for auto zoom. When leaving the route, the app goes into an overview mode where you can see surrounding roads and might plan your detour accordingly (when disabling re-routing).

Let us know what you think about the current implementation :slight_smile:.


Oh - I have to admit that I hadn’t a chance / time to test the latest version yet.

But what you describe sounds great! I’m really looking forward to my next ride with Kurviger! :+1:

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Meanwhile I had a chance to test those new functions. I really like the new autoview when leaving the route! And I like that GPS orientation is default now and that follow mode now displays your position in the lower third of the map (makes absolutely sense in that view). :+1:

Nevertheless it would be great, if my last used settings would be saved as default when switching between navigation view and map view. So that I immediately have follow mode activated after switching, because in my opinion this is (beside the naviagtion view, of course) the most useful mode when being on tour.

But I really have to say: your app is getting better and better with every new version! LIKE! :smile:


In next version when switch navigation on/off will restore last map state: follow mode on/off, map orientation mode, zoom level.

@SchlesiM these seem to be the min important variables to keep / restore, without complicating workflow?

Sounds great :+1:. Maybe you could also save and restore if the map was flat (2D) or tilted (3D) to satisfy the wish of users like Sabu (as described here).

See my relevant comment there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Map orientation GPS 2D / 3D as part of follow location can be saved / restored too.

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Implemented in Kurviger 1.4.

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