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Multi line problem in route overview panel in 2.2.11. Don’t know what the problem is. On the new smartphone I only have one line for the route overview panel and don’t see the complete route information distance and time any more, on my old I have 3 with all necessary information. Which setting can it be?

new smartphone

old smartphone

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These are Android toast messages handled by the operating system.
Obviously, like all text views, they have limits with large fonts.

Also the Android modifications by manufacturers do not help.

What Android and device?

Comparisons should be done tapping the same route segment.
The 2nd image shows route type, segment info, route info.
The 1st image shows route type, route info.

new smartphone is Samsung A52 5G on Android 12, old is Samsung Galaxy S9+ on Android 10. On the new one I always only see one line of this toast message, on the S9+ all three, no matter which route or segment.

Android documentation:

“Starting with Android 12 (API level 31), apps targeting Android 12 or newer will have their toasts limited to two lines.”

Very nice, so we have to limit the information and lines in the toasts…

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difficult. I find the overall km and time the most important information and specially this is missing then on Android 12.

But maybe if you put the middle dot " • " (ALT+0149) instead of carriage return line feed, maybe this is sufficient for all information?

Something like this may work:

  • Route type OR Segment info
  • Route info

But the route text depending on the language can be too long.
So display only section info in 1st line, when tapping sections.

Default Android has nice unicode symbols for the arrows.
OEM modifications break them with weird colored icons…

looks good and you can leave out the word “route”. Anyone would know it is the route type.

1st line now can have:

  • Either the route type for the whole route
  • Or the segment info when tap on segments

(note the OR in above description)

I favour the segment info when tap on segments, because normally someone knows which route was planned. The route type is visible by color anyway.

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