Route is lost if app crashes

The route is restored after a properly exiting the app. In contrast, the route is lost if the app was terminated.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create route
  2. optional
    a) exit app properly
    b) restart app
  3. start navigation
  4. app crashes, is terminated by the operating system (HTC Desire X: only 756MB of RAM) or is terminated via the Task Manager
  5. restart app
    with 2.: route is restored and navigation can be continued
    without 2.: no or an old route --> current route has to be re-created

Solution approach:
Point 2 suggests that the route is saved when exiting. Add these function direct after a route was created. Then, the current route can be restored whatever happens next.

Thanks, interesting workflow!

Need to think it more, as route is not only created once, but can be modified also far too many times while the app is active and saving continuously is not nice for I/O performance.

MY solution: ALWAYS “exporting” (= saving) a new route immediately after creating it - it’s only a few steps to do and I do it without long thinking about.
If app or OS crashes, it’s easy to “import” the route and decide to start from the beginning or from my position.

(That’s a reason, why you as developers may think about renaming “export” and “import” in “eport / save” or “export / backup” and “import / restore” - perhaps this would show the usage of these options in a more intuitive way.)

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If changing an existing (which means: formerly imported) route, saving wouid be even more comfortable, if there’ll be a function like mentioned in this discussion some day (good to know that’s already on the list of future changes :smile:).

Stay tuned for next Kurviger version!
Many new features and also that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh yes - I’m really happy that this works since version 1.2 of the Kurviger app. Good job! :+1:


Next Kurviger will have an improved auto-save route.
Even with irregular app exits, your routes will be safe. :slightly_smiling_face:

Version 1.3 made it reality! :+1:t4:

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