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Use of different routing profiles within one route



Hello community,

As an Garmin user for years who´s looking for an non properitary alternative, I found Kurviger.
While generating first own routes I try to use different routing profiles for different sections of one route in a way fastes route from WP 1 to WP 2 (to reach the interesting area fast by using highways e.g.) and from WP 2 to WP 3, 4, 5 etc. using curvy route profile to have fun and from WP 5 back to WP1 (6) again using fast route profile to go home.
Till now I can´t find this feature.
Any hints or ideas?

Thanks in advance


Hi Tom, great that you found us here.
We’ve had that discussion already a couple of times, for example here:

The short story is: it’s a feature that may come in the future but for now you can make multiple links or files and store them somewhere separately


Thanks for quick response.
Means Feature Request is already on roadmap.


Yes this feature is on our road map :slight_smile:



Meine Idee ist: Man fährt immer mit der schnellsten Routeneinstellen. Also mit Autobahnen. Abseits der Autobahnen setzt man Routenpunkte auf die Straßen, auf denen man längs fahren möchte. Ich plane also meine Touren weitgehend selbst und überlasse den Streckenverlauf nicht immer Kurviger.de