Proposal: Option "Show on OSM" in waypoint panel

I think it would be helpful to have the optiin “Show selected waypoint on OSM” in the panel, which appears on the left side when selecting a waypoint:

I assume you already know about the right-click menu, where this option is already present?

You suggestion is to show it in the sidebar additionally? Gotta say I’m sceptical about that, seeing that is has a good home together with google maps and mapillary there

Yes - but that does not work in app. Perhaps I should have put this thread in “App”, not in Routing.
Edit: Shall I move it ?

In the app this works by simply tapping on the map. You would have to tapp slightly beside the waypoint to get the right view. I am not sure we should add too many redundant buttons in the different overlays.

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It works great

That was also my workaround - but trying to reproduce the bug

I saw that the exact position was important. So the idea was to place a waypoint for that.
A furtber benefit matching exactly the waypoint is getting OSM info (if that waypoint is based on a OSM node) - so it would be helpful to get the exact coordinates.

Ok I see, that makes sense, but to be honest, I am not convinced this is a common request. So right now I still feel like, we should not do this, sorry to disappoint you here :frowning: - if we find a common use case, I am always happy to discuss this again :slight_smile:

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I fully agree - this proposal has low priority anyway, and I understand that it will increase complexity and so reduce the readability of waypoint panel.
And - of course - as long as this idea (I would not call it a request, just a proposal, usually I do not request anything :wink: ) is not very common, it should not be impemented.

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