Proposal: Make map style from old app/website available for route planning

The old map style (from old Kurviger website / K2, without hillshading) had advantages in readability due to better contrast, especially on devices with low contrast or when using device in bright environment.
Would it be possible to provide the old map style for route planning mode in app and website ?

If you want to see the difference, please have a look at

In that thread the old map style also includes hillshading - the readability / contrast of offline map style used by K1/K2 (downloaded from Kurviger download page) from my point of view is even much better …

Something we have on our list for quite some time is to make the hillshading configurable.

We are also looking into improving our map style in general, so if there are any specific issues, please report them and we can have a look at them.

One issue, that I have seen a few times is that text over hillshading can sometimes be hard to read (like in the alps).

We won’t be providing multiple versions of the same map style, sorry. We might provide the same map style with some config options (like show hillshading yes/no).

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