Possible to make Kurviger app an ApptoSD app?

As known there are apps, which allow to be exported to a SD card (like Locus Maps), and others, which do not (like Kurviger).

Because Kurviger Pro occupies about 25 MB of the internal memory, what can be a problem with a 16 GB internal memory, but indeed not on with a 64 or even 128 GB external sd card, it could be an advantage, for marketing reasons too, to make Kurviger App an AppToSD app.

Is that possible / easy to realize?

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Hi Uli,

AFAIK App2SD is not used in newer Android versions anymore, because you can format the SD card like internal storage and use it all together. I think we disabled moving the app to the SD card recently @devemux86?


There are still good reasons to handle internal storage and SD as two different and separated storages.

So, if technically possible, why not let users decide?

Kurviger app had flexible install location all this time.
I reverted it to internal storage recently, due to the install / update issues caused by Android Studio D8 compiler, to be on safe side.

We can review that decision in the future when the whole install / update thing settles down. Now still causes troubles in many apps. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thank you, Emux!

Implemented in Kurviger 1.8.


Just had a look: GREAT!! THX!!!

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