Plan the trip - Export CSV

sarebbe interessante avere la possibilità di esportare un CSV (excel) con distanza e tempo dei vari punti intermedi in modo da progettare una tabella di marcia

it would be interesting to have the possibility of exporting a CSV (excel) with distance and time of the various intermediate points in order to design a roadmap


You can export a CSV.
I only have the German version here and translated it into English.
When planning, click on the three dots above. Then turn-by-turn directions. There you will see a kind of roadmap. Simply press the export button. In the next window you can then create the CSV.


I never tried, hopefully helpful. Ein Roadbook mit Kurviger erstellen [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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Grazie :+1::clinking_glasses::champagne:

Ho fatto anche io un foglio per gestire i percorsi. Grazie per avermi fatto scoprire quella utile funzione di Kurviger.
I also made a sheet to manage the routes. Thanks for introducing me to that useful Kurviger feature.


roadmap_protetto.ods (50.3 KB)


Grazie per il file.
Thanks for the file.

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aggiunto controllo orari Hotel
add check-IN and check-OUT

roadmap_protetto.ods (53.5 KB)

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aggiunta stampa
add print

roadmap2_protetto.ods (55.3 KB)

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