Plan option: exclusion of Emission Zones?

I’m planning a route right now from my hometown (Eelde, NL) to a friend somewhere in de South of France.

I don’t want to have anything tot do with toll roads so I select this in the options and it works fine. And now, I remember that some cities in Germany and France have emission zones. So I have to go to some website and search for places which I am passing with my route which have an EZ. And then I have to plan a new route around it, manually.

As more and more countries in Europe are getting Emission Zones in the upcoming years, would it be possible in the future to have this automated and be selectable by a button in the ‘plan’ menu?


An interesting point! In Munich we have the problem of the diesel ban for older models - fortunately irrelevant for motorcycles. To solve with BRouter and a defined NoGoArea:

Cruiser supports this solution since March 2023.

Yet there is no restriction in Germany for motorcycles/3 wheel based vehicles:

Nach der 35. Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung (BImSchV, Anhang 3 zu § 2 Abs. 3, Ziffer 4) sind zwei- und dreirädrige Kraftfahrzeuge vom Fahrverbot ausgenommen. Motorräder dürfen also auch ohne grüne Plakette in der Umweltzone fahren .

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Here in Amsterdam, it is going from bad to worse.

From 2025 to want to ban all new vehicles with combustion engine.
From 2030 they want to ban all combustion engine vehicles without exemption.

For Kurviger it would be an interesting challange.

Nicest feature is when one can set in Kurviger what kind of Environment sticker the vehicle has, which dictates where one is allowed to drive and where not.
This becomes complicated when taking all rules for all countries along.
Since France is not the same as Germany, is not the same as The Netherlands etc etc etc.
With each their own stickers.

I totally agree with your answer. I suggested an ‘one-click-has-all’ button just to keep it simple for the software programmers but indeed, to be able to define a category sticker would be nice.

Unfortunately, this is not supported right now. Would be a nice addition :+1: