Overnight stay planning / shortened Roadbook export


Im pretty new to kurviger and must admit: I love it!! Here’s just one thing that I may missed out or might make kurviger even better:

When planning a long trip for multiple days, I’ll start with the rough planning in one big plan, ending up with 50+ waypoints (POI, passes).

Step 2 would be to determine where I’ll stay for the night, which should be something like maybe 300km or 6 Hrs from where I started that day. Since the plan may change at this point, moving one overnight stay could have an impact on the following ones, therefore it should stay all in one big file at this point.

But how to decide where the approx. 300k/6hrs limit will be reached on let’s say day 5? I’ll have to check at which waypoint day 4 endet and manually add 300km to this. The roadbook isn’t very handy at this point since it may include 1.000 turning directions, including waypoints that are actually shaping points…so even exporting and using excel for this doesn’t really help, since the planning is still very volatile and may change a lot.

So my suggestion/request to address this would be:

  1. give an option to strip/filter the roadbook and only show waypoints (no turning or shaping points).

  2. give a waypoint the option to be defined as an overnight stay point. Just a simple checkbox.

  3. additional to the accumulated distance&time in the route book, introduce another 2 coloumns for “this days distance” and “this days time” calculating distance and time not the start of the whole trip, but from the last overnight-stay waypoint.

Hope it’s understandable what I mean and that I haven’t overseen something that would already solve this :wink:
Thanks a lot

Thanks for the proposal and the nice words.

Have you tried working with:

a) Left click on a waypoint on the map. This shows you the distance information of that waypoint.
b) Use the elevation diagram in the bottom-right. You can move your mouse over it and see where this point is on the map, this can also help to estimate the distance.

To be honest, I would like to avoid making this more complicated by introducing more buttons and columns for this :slight_smile:.

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The thing is: when I click on a waypoint, I get the distance&time from the starting point of the whole trip - which was in my case 5 days ago.
Im looking for the „Tageskilometer“, distance travelled just on that day.

But yes, therefore kurvige needs to know on which waypoint I had an overnight stay resulting in another button.
Same goes for filtering out the turning points from the roadbook, to have a exportable overview of the whole trip.


I am happy to leave this thread here for discussion If there are enough people looking for it, it could be worth adding it to the UI. But if possible, we should make it easier with less buttons, than adding more buttons :slight_smile: .

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@Pete : Perhaps you can can use the “split route” function:

  • click on your reference waypoint
  • click on “Route 1” below “Split Route”

This opens a new tab with your route, but all points before your reference point are removed.

@boldtrn : I was searching for a long time for the function (read here in forum some days ago about it), I found it in forum because I remembered @zaphod_42 wrote about it - would it be possible / useful to add that function also to pull down menu in waypoint list? That was the place where I started searching it …

@Pete I can help you with filtering the waypoints - here is an Excel macro kurviger.bas.zip (620 Bytes) which does exactly that. The macro is called “kurviger” and can be called with CTRL-k. You have to extract it to kurviger.bas and import it bei ALT-F11 in Excel.
It first kicks out the annoying turn graphics, puts everything into a single-line format, and determines the number of records. Then it hides all the lines that don’t contain a waypoint. The latter I recognize by the fact that there is no “single distance”. Unfortunately, the waypoint names are not transferred to the roadbook today. The further formatting in kilometers and HH:MM I leave to you - there everyone has probably his preferences.

Here the before and after screenshots:

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@zaphod_42 brilliant, works like a charm, thanks! That actually makes it a bit easier, although you still have to repeat the copy/paste export + makro execution after each update to the route.
But also shows that I’m not the only one looking for a “waypoint only” overview. :wink:


No @pete, I’d not vote for this feature. It was just jogging for my brain to develope an excel macro yesterday evening, instead of watching tv or reading a book. The first macro I wrote since more as a decade …

In my opinion, it is difficult to automate the selection of day tours. Too many parameters influence the number of kilometers:

  • the route (highway, country roads, passes, gravel),
  • the POIs (visit a castle),
  • the breaks (French like to eat longer than 2 hours),
  • hotel search or already booked?
  • etc.

I also try to plan the overnight stay in an interesting place.

But I’m glad you get a quick overview now.


And I couldn’t agree more! Choosing a spot to stay for the night depends on many many factors, so it’s part of the planning game to balance these out.

I spend some more thoughts on how this could be supported a little more - even though I could work around it with your guys advice and help (thanks for that again). So, please take this just as a brainstorming idea:

To visually support that its time to plan a overnight waypoint whithout having to introduce another button, the route itself could have a short marker for every 25km and a bigger one for every 50km from the last waypoint (or something similar).

So the userstory would be: I change the non-overnight waypoint to shaping-points and then count the preferred number of markers (depending on my appetite for distance, POIs, breakfast etc :wink: and there I look around for a hotel/campsite.

I added a (poorly made!!) scribble to make it a little clearer.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks fot the discussion

That could make sense and could help to get a better overview of the route.

What do others think about this?

With 25-/50-km indicators, I think we overload the route. Perhaps a 100-km index would be a compromise.
But anyway: I don’t need to count along this “string of pearls”, because it’s already possible to determine the distances - with the topography diagram. Example:

Since at exactly 300km no hotel will be found, we simply take the next larger town and start the search there. Once the hotel booking is made, I set an intermediate destination at the hotel address and split the route there. After three splits I have my 4 day tours.
Who wants to try it “live”: https://kurv.gr/KU97F


I want to continue or restart or vote to this topic of pete.
Actually I’m writing my own roadboak in excel with the planned date, number of waypoint, name of waypoint, , in case of passes also the height, daily km, complete km of the route.
For the ca-planned hotel I’m using a personally named waypoint where I want to stay overnight (ca +/-km). Since the naming of waypoint is possible I don’t need any separate waypoint-function for “hotel” anymore.
But a shortened roadbook to excel or whatever would be faster and easier :slight_smile:

My problem with the roadbook is that on tour I want to “cut” the route day by day, the splitting function is very usable. So all “used” waypoint of driven route could be eliminated.
BUT in case of new starting or splitting a route all numbers of waypoints are numbered, starting with 1. So my excel-roadbook for the complete route is not correct anymore and it’s not easy not to loose the overview what was planned. Is there any possibiltiy to do it another way?
In former times the planned route was shown in the app (in blue), and everything what was driven was removed (and only documented by the red track). So it was easily possible to orientate what was “old” and what’s coming new. In this case it would be possible to use the full route day by day. Is there any way to do it similar today?
(is this a plannung function of website or routing funcition of the APP?)


Would it already fix your case when the roadbook would contain the waypoint names (still on the todo list)?

here is a macro that shrinks the notebook to “waypoints only”: Roadbook_shrink.zip (415 Bytes)
If the selection “waypoints only” would be offered when creating the roadbook, this intermediate step could be saved.
Of course, the names of the waypoints would be of great advantage …

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It could also be a possibility to insert a waypoint and then include a function that asks for the distance to WP? or Start, or for the time.

This new WP would then be automatically moved on the route according to the information distance/time and there you could then search for a hotel nearby.

To be honest, this sounds a bit complicated? Not sure if I understand your proposal correctly though.

Ich schreibe mal in deutsch, um Missverständnisse zu vermeiden.

Mir geht es auch so, dass ich gerne nach der Zeit oder nach KM einen WP setzen möchte, um dort zu essen oder zu übernachten.

Also wäre es doch sehr einfach wenn es eine Funktion geben würde, Wegpunkte nach Zeit oder Entfernung zu verschieben.

Ich setze einen WP, rechte Maustaste und das aktuelle Fenster erscheint, hier eine weitere Funktion einbauen wo man sagen kann:

Verschiebe WP in Abhängigkeit zu (freie Eingabe) WPXX oder Start/Ende in KM oder Zeit.

Es wäre so sehr komfortabel.

Allerdings kann man aktuell auch einfach den WP anklicken und links erscheint dann die Entfernung und Zeit zum Start und kann dann den WP manuell verschieben.

@ Hobbyfahrer:
das wäre nicht mal mein Anspruch. Ich setze den WP gerne selber, kann ja nachschauen wieviele km man ungefähr hat - und ich habe eine Varianz üblicherweise von locker +/-40km je nachdem was ansteht, da hilft auch keine Sollvorgabe mehr. Wäre also nicht mein persönlicher Favorit

Better, but not completely perfect :smile:
It would be nice to export the list with waypoint name and these informations who are in the background.

Here we have the distance from start and distance to end
→ distance to the next point and previous point would be more informativ.
The same with time.
For me it’s not useful to know that the trips will need 4 days, if I’ve planned a 14day-tour. It would be interesting to know time and distance point to point. If then this could be exported, additionally everybody can add then more informations / columns for whatever, e.g. the planning "first day, 2nd day, 3rd day etc…
Also I don’t know if roadbook is then the correct name, it’s more the export of the list?

see here my example:
hotel is at point 29 (Annecy) and 48 (somewhere Vercors -west)

BR juschka

You probably mean distance / time to next / previous via point.

(not shaping points, though now they show that info)

Garmin BaseCamp: Shaping points are any position along a route that will not alert you when you arrive. Shaping points do not contain arrival time or distance between points information.

Genau, alternativ kann man auch über das Höhendiagramm mit der Maus fahren und sieht die Distanz. Ich versuche bei Dingen die man auch gut so erledigen kann einen extra Button zu vermeiden, dadurch wird die Bedienung am Ende nur komplizierter :slight_smile:

In your case, that is correct, if you plan a multi day trip, start and destination is less meaningful than next / previous waypoint. One thing on my todo list is to improve the distance and time display for waypoints (for example showing distances and times to all other waypoints).

Yes, I am not sure how something like this would be called :smiley: