Overnight stay planning / shortened Roadbook export

Red track mentioned above = The recorded driven track right ?

The (app) behaviour as before was indeed a bit more informative.

  • Either the already consumed navigation track part “fades out”.
  • Or the already consumed navigation track part “disappears completely”.
    In the latter case, than optimally choose @ import route file
    Overlay + Routing (Encourage by show as first choice in the list)

(Worth a new suggestion but than in the app category of course ?)

You probably mean another app.

There is already a discussion here:

I do know Emux, which app you mean more specifically here :wink:
In Kurviger app, after recalculation, the previous navigation track visually disappears, doesn’t it ?
(Well not recently checked again it is also not necessary I think to dissect this deeper)
You know exactly what is meant, I trust you to decide what makes sense or is technically possible or not.

I must say that I also like this very much. And it is already simply present now. You just have to remember to select that “optimal” third choice from the list at import.

The thread made me think about my first tryout of the app. The thing that surprised me the most then was UI. It was very hard to get through it because it seemed to be more of a software for engineers. So, the first time I used it was when I tried to reach any hotel near me open at that time because it was late at night. Luckily, I managed to get to the hotel, but I realized that I should probably plan the route via Kurviger in advance. I’ve been using the app for years, and now I have no idea how I can plan the route without it now. The thing I love the most about it is the new system of planning the route, which helps you to avoid highways in separate areas. Btw, importing different POIs is also cool.