OpenTopoMap troubles

impossible to load open topomap today 16.01.19 - 18h41 - seem there is a problem with this map, others are ok

There are ups and downs lately with their online map.

ok thanks, i noticed it but this time more serious than usually. Hope it comes back as this is for me the best map. On the app moticed it too a few days ago. thanks for quick response. An hope speed limit comes soon into the app.

For reference, their resources:

Thanks for letting us know. Right now OpenTopoMap seems to be up and performing well.

Impossible to load open topomap today 10.02.19 - 11h40 - seem there is a problem with this map, others are ok. Yesterday it worked without problems.

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Still broken, wow, if it’s broken since @MundA reported it then it’s down for 8 days now :smiley:
Tested on Firefox and Chrome, @boldtrn in the Map Surfer thread it sounds like you’re in contact with some Providers, can you do something about this one here as well?

Not continuously, their server just has up and down periods.

No, I used OpenTopoMap on Saturday without any troubles :slight_smile:.

We are in contact with some providers, but not with Opentopomap. It’s weird that they seem to have some trouble lately, they used to be pretty reliable.

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22.02.19 - 2309, troubles with open topomap, not apearing. FYI

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