Off Line Maps Spain & France / Pro 2.2.28

Android 7.1.1 Kurviger Pro 2.2.28

I work with a Samsung WITHOUT SIM card, only GPS, and with OffLine maps; And it works very well for me to navigate predefined routes on computer and to generate new routes.

Normally they are routes through Spain. When the route runs through France, I can navigate without problems, and also calculate new routes, BUT the map is not displayed. If I try to download the map of France it gives an error due to lack of internal space (I have 0.8GB available).

The Offline Maps guide says that you can install the app on the SD Card (I have 6GB available); But it doesn’t say how to do it.

What can I do?

You can have the map on the SD Card.
Just copy the map to SD card and open it inside the app

OK; but where is the map, in which directory???, or can I download it directly to the SD Card?

The default download folder is determined by your browser setting.
E.g. in Google-Chrome: “Settings - Downloads - Ask where files should be stored”
You can download the maps to any directory you want.
You can also download the maps with your desktop PC, and copy them via USB onto the smartphone.

E.g. I have created a directory “kurviger-maps” on the SD card where I put all my maps.

I case you didn’t notice:
Kurviger 2.2.28 won’t work after your subscription has expired.

Perfect, thanks; seems like a good solution. But how do I download maps to the PC? On the Kurviger Web I do not find any option to do it ¡!!
I take note of what you say about continuity; in the Play Store I see that there is already a KurvigerMotorcycleNavigation in development. Maybe it’s not worth switching to Cruiser ???

You can try the new app.

You can test it for free at the moment, there is no conflict with V2.2.28
It is working, and it has good integration with Kurviger’s cloud.

But Offline maps is IMHO still in an “early beta phase.”
If offline is important for you, Cruiser might be a better option.
Map download site.

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