Neue "POI" in den Karten - wo kommen die her?

Have you tried auto-zoom with the following settings?
Einstellungen -> Navigation -> Auto-Zoom on
Niedrigste Auto-Zoom-Stufe 16
Höchste Auto-Zoom-Stufe 16
Then those POI-names should be invisible

Greetings Manfred

Sorry, not to answer immediately. I had problems to find my article back. I’m not used to work with this type of forum. I’ts so confusing here :slight_smile:

Last week I’ve tried the auto zoom function again.
For the curvy streets in the alps I’ve needed 16 to see the street enough in detail, in the city I’ve used zoom level 18, because in 16/17 or smaller I’ve made so much errors at the crossings, I didn’t see the direction in the map early enough.

So for me I’ll fix completely on zoomlevel 18 or using autozoom I’ll use at maximum between 16 and 18.

And unfortunately I’ve made the mistakes in wrong driving to the right and left, because it’s to much information on the map with all the scools, churches, supermarkets, banks and other shops. It’s so confusing -

I would prefer if it would be possible to activate/decativate this information as POI or as a map layer.
Please think about this, if it could be possible.

Thanks a lot

Thanks for coming back Juschka. We can have a look and see if we can add the option in the future :slight_smile:.

I created a new discussion to track the progress of this: Make it possible to enable/disable POI texts on the map