Make it possible to enable/disable POI texts on the map

As reported here, it might be a good idea to allow enabling and disable of POI texts on the map for the Kurviger app.

POI symbols+labels or only POI labels keeping the symbols on map?

That could be tricky to differentiate between their two representations.

Ah good point. We could think about also removing the other POIs like fuel stations, mountain passes, etc. that are not checked in map layers.

So far I was only thinking about pois like schools, churches, supermarkets etc.

They are already optional, or mean something else?

What do you mean with that?
If I uncheck Map | Map-layers | fuel-stations than all gas-stations (symbol and name) are gone.
That is the current situation!

What about adding an extra layer called “other POIs”

Yes, but if you zoom in, they reappear on high zoom levels. That way we could completely force remove them.

That works already correctly, map layers are either on or off in all zoom levels.

We improved that some versions ago, because former workflow was confusing.

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That could work, in order to avoid a huge list of layer checks.
Or at least have some main categories.