Navigation starts, but does not run

for navigation I used my Motorola G5gplus.
The Curvy Tourer + with update from 04.09.23.
I imported planned routes with the cloud function and started the route. In the Sena SRl mesh I then heard “off we go” still and then nothing more. Then as soon as I stopped and clicked the app again, the location display jumped to the current location. I.e. the navigation did not run along. I put the smartphone in the scooter compartment while driving and only wanted to hear the announcements. Unfortunately, I did not succeed in this. What else can it be, the following settings I have changed.
Screen saver from 2 min to 30 min is set max.
Battery was charged and not set to save, so the app can also continue to run in the background.
Sound is on, otherwise I would not have heard the first announcement.
What comes to mind now, can it be that the hard plastic prevents the GPS signal to receive, where Googlemaps runs so without problems.

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You also need to give Kurviger the permission to always access your location and not just if the app is in foreground: Ich höre keine Sprachausgabe / Abbiege-Anweisungen [Kurviger Knowledgebase]